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How To Celebrate Birthdays During the Pandemic

How To Celebrate Birthdays During the Pandemic

Sophie Coffey

Birthdays are known for being brilliant celebrations full of fun. The coronavirus outbreak might have put a bit of a damper on any intended plans, but it doesn’t have to result in a boring birthday.

Regardless of whose birthday it is here are eight ways to celebrate Birthdays during the pandemic in style….


Tasty treats and delicious food are half the fun of birthdays. Whether you are a chef extraordinaire or you can’t tell your margarine from your marzipan, birthday baking is a brilliant idea. You can alter recipes to suit your preferences and decorate as extravagantly as you wish. Not only is baking loads of fun and a way to involve your whole household but the end result of this task is also edible. Yes please!

For some inspiration check out our  Bake with Missy series!

Make Cards

If another family member is celebrating a birthday why not try your hand at some arts and crafts? The bonus of handmade cards is that the end result is entirely up to you. So, whether it is something charming and sweet or a card with a humorous twist, personalised cards tend to go down a treat.

Homemade Presents

Homemade isn’t a concept that has to apply simply to cards. Why not try a bit of DIY gifting? With the current closure of most businesses, presents are harder to find. The internet is full of inspiration for homemade gifts. Equally Pinterest has plenty of unique and creative ideas that are often easier than they look. At least this way you won’t have to worry about doubling up on a present.

Video Call Friends and Family

Okay, so maybe the celebrations are a little more low- key than initially planned. However, you can still get friends and family involved. If you can, video call your loved ones while you play games or cut the cake. You never know, maybe having “happy birthday” sung to you over video chat is less embarrassing!

Equally, why not have birthday cake competitions and vote for the best cake over video call? This way everyone has an activity to do and also something sweet to eat.

Home Cinema

Between the recent release of Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime and all of the other amazing streaming services available arranging a birthday film night has never been easier. Simply set up a room with all the blankets and cushions you can find, make popcorn or some other sweet treats and agree on a film. The only difficult part about a home cinema is finding a movie everyone can agree on among all the amazing options out there!

For some inspiration check out the movie section on

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Cook dinner

You might not be able to head out to your favourite restaurant but why not bring it to you. There are plenty of recipes online that will allow you to recreate your dream dinner. Depending on the complexity of your recipe, cooking dinner can be a great way to provide you with an activity for the day.

Rediscover old games

Maybe it isn’t quite the sort of thing you had planned but there has never been a better time to search out your old games. Perhaps you have a stash of board games that are barely touched in the house. Get your family involved but beware, there are few things more competitive in the world than family board games! Alternatively, for something slightly more modern, perhaps you have an old Wii, PlayStation or DS that goes virtually unused now. Dig these out for some nostalgic family fun.

Make Plans

You might not be able to celebrate your birthday as you wish at the moment, but the current situation will eventually pass. Make plans for something you would like to do as a belated celebration. This way you have something to look forward to and you end up with double the festivities.

Have you celebrated any Birthdays during the pandemic? What do you think of our tips for celebrating Birthdays during the Coronavirus pandemic?

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