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Dear Katie: Help! I really hate my eyebrows

Dear Katie: Help! I really hate my eyebrows

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Dear Katie,
I hate my eyebrows so much but my mum says I’m too young to get them done in the beauticians. I hate how they look, they’re so dark and bushy.
Mia, 13
Dear Mia,
Okay I’m definitely not the right person to be asking for beauty tips but nonetheless, I think I can help.
The first thing I’m going to tell you is the same thing my mum told me, put the tweezers down.
Speaking from the experience of someone with big, dark eyebrows, leave it to the professionals. When I was in my early teenage years no one had big, bushy eyebrows like I did, it wasn’t the trend at the time so I desperately wanted to change them. I took my mums tweezers and I went to town, and I immediately regretted it. You know how people say your eyebrows are sisters not twins? Well mine weren’t even distant cousins! They were uneven and patchy and just completely awful.
Luckily, after that I listened to my mum, let them grow back fully and eventually she brought me to the beauticians to get them sorted properly. In the beauticians, I was praised for my ‘gorgeous, natural’ brows. After that, I fell in love with my brows because they were mine and they weren’t like anyone else’s! I realised that they’re an integral part of my look and my style. Besides, I would have a HUGE forehead without them!
If you’re really feeling down about the way they look, maybe share those feelings with your mum. She might be more open to taking you to the beauticians if she knows how you’re feeling. Otherwise, ask a trusted adult, older sister/cousin/friend for help to tidy up the strays.
Trust me, in the long run you’ll be glad you put the tweezers away!
Katie x

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