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Buy These Silver Chains If You Want Your BF To Be Like Connell

Buy These Silver Chains If You Want Your BF To Be Like Connell

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Who could have known that we’d spend 2020 lusting over a guy wearing a silver chain? So it is with Paul Mescal in Normal People. One tiny detail, Connell’s chain, became a huge talking point when Normal People hit our screens back in April – along with some lively debates on Liveline about the sex scenes!
Connell’s chain became so popular that an Instagram was set up in ode to the silver chain and it currently has over 180K followers…we kid you not!
Paul Mescal also kindly raffled off one of his chains, which raised over €70,000 for Pieta House.
If you weren’t that lucky winner, and are searching for some Connell-esqe chains for your BF, we have some ideas about where you can buy one.

Where Can I Buy Connell’s Chain

The costume designer who worked on Normal People is staying very quiet about where the actual chain from the series was bought. But considering Normal People was produced in Ireland, you can bet that it came from a store here. There has been a bit of speculation that the chain was purchased from none other than Argos. While we don’t have a definite answer on that, Argos do have a great selection of chains. See you in (a socially- distanced) line?
We would also bet that Connell’s chain is sterling silver, as it doesn’t tarnish; making it perfect for hoping in and out of the pool. Did we just try come up with an excuse to use the picture of Connell wearing the chain in the pool scene? Yes, yes we did. Enjoy…

Let’s be honest, most mens silver chains look the same, so you really can’t go wrong. If it is a gift try for sterling silver, as it lasts the test of time. But if you’re not sure if your BF is down with the chain trend, try this one from ASOS, which is only €7.
Here’s a few other options…

Shop Silver Chains Like Connell’s

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