Dear Katie: I Like This Girl And I’m Not Sure If She’s Into Me

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Dear Katie,

I like this girl (I’m a girl) and we go to drama together. It’s
cancelled because of Covid-19 and I’m really upset that I can’t see her.
I don’t have any if her contact details and I don’t even know if she
likes me back. She’s got a rainbow emoji in her if bio and seems to be
into me but I can’t tell if she’s just being friendly or not!

– Sophia

Dear Sophia,

Although it can be hard, first of all, try not to overthink the situation too much. Relationships and liking people can be tricky but you’re lucky because you’re already one step ahead! You both have something in common that you really enjoy.

As you’re already friends, I would suggest following her on Instagram or adding her on Snapchat or Facebook. In case she doesn’t share the same feelings for you, wait a few days after adding her before messaging her. You don’t want to come on too strong and either scare her away or have your feelings hurt. Once you start to get reacquainted through messaging, after not seeing each other for a while, you can begin to drop subtle hints that you like her. See how she responds to these and then you’ll know best whether to take the next step and tell her your feelings. But remember, only you can truly know how to approach the situation, you know best how you’re feeling.

Love, lust, liking and everything in between is difficult for everyone, especially during your teens when so many other things are changing too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier as you get older. It’s still confusing, mindboggling and amazing. No one wants to have their feelings hurt or get heart-broken but you shouldn’t let a fear of this stop you from testing the waters and taking a chance. It could turn out to be the best decision ever, or if not, you’ll have learned a valuable lesson.

I hope things work out well for you Sophia. And if this girl doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings, at least you’ll still have made a great friend.


Katie x

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