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Tips For Dying Your Hair At Home

Tips For Dying Your Hair At Home

Team Missy

One of the unexpected things thats come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is that everyone has suddenly gone mad with the hair dye.

Whether you’re trying out some pink hair yourself or helping your mam cover her greys like a good child, here’s some tips for dying hair at home.

Read the instructions

Duh, we know! But seriously read the instructions on the leaflet carefully before you start. Make sure you don’t leave the dye on for longer than the suggested time and that you mix it correctly.

Patch Test

If you haven’t used a particular brand or shade of dye before you should mix up a tiny amount and patch test it behind your ear to make sure you’re not allergic to the colour. 

No, it’s not fun to have to wait 24 hours to make sure it’s safe, but it definitely won’t be fun if you have to seek medical advice because you’ve burnt your scalp or had an allergic reaction.

Strand Test

The best way to make sure that you’re not making a huge mistake with a new hair colour is to strand test in first. You can do this when you’re mixing up your patch test too. Here’s how to do a strand test.

This is an important step as more times than not you just don’t get the colour on the box. Everyone’s base colour hair has different tones to it or the result may be impacted by the colour you already have in it. Better safe than sorry is always the best way.

Step Away From The Bleach

You may have decided that you suddenly want a whole new look and that you’re going to go blonde, but it’s best to wait until the hairdressers are open again. Bleach can do serious damage to your hair. When bleach damages your hair the only thing to do it to let it grow out…so just don’t do it! Leave it to the professionals.

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Being a hairdresser and a colourist at that is a highly skilled job. Just because you think you can recreate that look from TikTok or Instagram doesn’t mean you can or should. You’re almost guaranteed to not get what you’re looking for and you might do serious damage to your hair in the process.

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Wear Old Clothes

If you are dying your hair make sure you wear old clothes for the process. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to get some colour on your clothes and hair dye is near impossible to wash out.

Don’t Use Your Mother’s Good Towels

The same goes for using towels; use old ones unless you want your mother to kill you. Again, dying your hair is a messier job than you think. Use an old towel to tuck into your old t-shirt when applying the dye and also use an old towel to rough dry your hair after you wash the colour out as some of the dye might still be lingering and will stain towels, this is especially true if you’re applying a darker hair colour.

Have you tried dying your hair at home before?

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