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Debs Beauty: Finding A Fabulous Fake Tan

Debs Beauty: Finding A Fabulous Fake Tan

Sophie Coffey
Debs Tan

For a lot of Irish people tan is something that can only be achieved from a bottle, but there is a fine line between looking like the golden goddess you’re aiming for; and impersonating an Oompa Loompa instead. And you definitely don’t want to get fake tan wrong on your debs! Memories fade, but parental pictures last a lifetime!

Finding the perfect tan for your skin tone and tanning skills can be hard, so here are five fake tans that we love….

COCOA BROWN 1 Hour Original Medium, €8.85

Most Irish teenagers have tried Cocoa Brown at least once. With its different shades and easy application it’s a popular choice. It’s definitely a trusty option if you are looking for something on a budget. It’s also widely available in pharmacies nationwide and Penneys.

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived, €9.99

Not everyone fancies going for a drastic tan. Particularly if your skin is quite pale, an instant tan might not be your best option. This moisturiser will gradually tan your body easily to give you a natural glow.

Start applying the moisturiser a week or so in advance to give yourself a golden glow that looks like you’ve just stepped off a plane following a sun holiday.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water, €21

If like most of us you’re looking for a seamless application and smooth result, Isle of paradise is the tan for you.

Their products are offered in three hues; peach for light, green for medium and violet for dark, so whatever your natural colour there is a tan suited to you. FYI: The peach tanning water is a god-send if you are paler than pale!

The unique element of Isle of Paradise is their use of colour correcting actives. This means that their tans can counteract uneven skin tones, acne or discolouration. Even better this tan is organic, vegan and cruelty free for a guilt free glow.

AND they also have Self Tanning Face Drops!

BBold Smart Mousse, €13

Using BBold Smart Mousse allows you to choose how dark you want your tan to be.

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Wearing this tan for an hour will leave you with a softly sun kissed look, two hours offers the perfect golden glow and three hours leaves you beautifully bronzed. BBold is a firm favourite for a lot of people because of how easy it is to apply and the lack of stickiness or smell that often accompanies other fake tanning products.

SoSu Dripping Gold Wonder Water Self Tanning Facial Mist, €12

Tanning your face is tricky and can go easily wrong. For this reason some people prefer just layering on foundation and bronzer to actually using any form of instant tan. However, if you’re looking for something to give yourself that perfectly bronzed complexion in your debs photos then SoSu Dripping Gold Wonder Water Self Tanning Facial Mist is a must have. Easy to apply, this tanning mist is ideal for adding a glow to your skin without leaving it feeling thick and heavy.

The best way to make sure that you don’t have a fake tan disaster on your debs night is to practice applying it in advance. And also make sure that you have a tan eraser such as Cocoa Brown Fresh Start, €9.95 to hand just in case. We’d rather be pale than a patchy orange!

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