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On-screen Sibling Relationships That Are Actually Accurate

On-screen Sibling Relationships That Are Actually Accurate

Sophie Coffey

Recently, we were thrilled to learn that our favourite siblings will be returning to our screens with the announcement of Bridgerton season 2.

It got us thinking about the relationships of some other fictional families and the most accurate on-screen depictions of the unique sibling bond.

While many fictional connections concentrate on a romantic aspect, there are also plenty of relationships with a sibling focus.

Naturally, this means that there are plenty of over-exaggerated and cliché depictions too.

I love my sisters, truly I do but I honestly think if we started matching clothes and referring to each other as ‘sis’ in every sentence I would move out!

Despite some of the questionable representations on screen, here are some fictional sibling relationships that are actually accurate depictions!

The Weasleys – Harry Potter


Who better to start this list with than the wizarding world’s infamous, red-headed family! The Weasley’s are the perfect example of accurate on-screen sibling relationships and manage to cover just about every cliché. From the protective older brothers to the twin’s teasing of Ron, the Weasley’s experience all the tribulations of a big family.

The Bennet Sisters – Pride and Prejudice


Pride and Prejudice might be an unusual contender for this list but it is the natural relationship between the Bennet sisters that makes it one worth noting. Like most families, the sisters all have different personalities and contrasting preferences – of potential husbands and of each other!  The characters of Jane, Mary, Kitty, Lydia and of course Lizzy represent a sisterhood of contradictory priorities but ultimate conciliation.

Claire and Mitchell – Modern Family


For something a little more modern, then the relationship between Claire and Mitchell is a winner. There are many fantastic familial relationships across Modern Family’s 11 seasons (all of which are available on Amazon Prime!). The sibling squabbles of this brother and sister pair leave them more than worthy of a spot on this accuracy list.

Oliver and Thea – Arrow


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The circumstances and setting of this relationship are far from accurate! However, the regular teasing and bickering exhibited between Oliver and Thea is a recognizable response in most families. Equally, fans of Arrow will know that there are no shortage of caring and loyal sibling moments either.

The March Sisters – Little Women


Regardless of whether you are perusing the book or one of the film adaptations, there is no denying that the relationship between the March sisters is always at the core of the plot. A combination of comedy and candour beautifully details the clashes and comforts of having siblings. While I am being careful not to spoil the story, I cannot avoid mentioning that the close relationship between the girls leads to some of the films best and most heartbreaking scenes.

Sam and Dean – Supernatural


There is not a too much in this show that could be referred to as accurate but the brotherly relationship between the two main characters definitely is! Whether it is a prank war or teasing over failed romances Sam and Dean’s sibling bond provides moments of wit and humour. Ultimately it is the overall brotherly ‘have your back’ sentiment that pervades the entire show and carried it to its fifteen season run.

Who do you think have the most accurate on-screen sibling relationships? 

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