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Tasty Breakfast Ideas To Try

Tasty Breakfast Ideas To Try

Róisín Lynch

Anyone else feeling totally uninspired with food lately?🙋‍♀️

From trying to find new dinner ideas, to being *slightly* sick of Chinese takeaways; a symptom of a year in Lockdown is feeling a bit meh about food and everything else.

We’re also kinda sick of breakfast. We’re hungry in the mornings and breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it sets you up, but we just don’t know if we can take more boring breakfast cereal.

Enter these tasty breakfast ideas.

We’ve rounded up some great breakfast ideas that are honestly making us so hungry and we can’t wait to try them out ourselves!

Poached Eggs On Toast

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There’s nothing like a nice warm slice of toast in the morning! Add some poached eggs on top and you’ve got yourself a winning breakfast that is full of protein and will set you up for the whole day! 

Avocado Toast

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Avocado toast is all the rage these days and it’s not hard to see why! Tasty and filling this is a great breakfast option. You can do the avocado smashed or in slices. To get the ultimate tasting smashed avocado mash it up in a bowl with a little bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper!

Overnight Oats

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These are great for busy mornings and super tasty too! There’s many different ways of making over night oats but for basics mix a 1/4 cup oats with a 1/3 cup milk of choice and a 1/3 cup greek yogurt. Add some frozen fruit and a scoop of protein powder to make it an all round power breakfast! Stick it in the fridge and you will have a nice creamy, tasty breakfast waiting for you when you wake up in the morning! 


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Another tasty way of getting protein in first thing in the morning! All you need is some oil, eggs, butter and toppings of choice- you can make it veggie or add some sausage or ham for an extra boost!

Fruit Salad with Greek Yogurt

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A lighter option for those who aren’t that hungry in the morning. A nice fresh bowl of fruit is lovely first thing in the morning. Cut up your favourite fruits and put them in a bowl with a scoop of greek yogurt – flavoured or unflavoured! 

Will you be trying these tasty breakfast ideas?

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