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Here’s A Look At What’s Coming To Penneys When They Reopen

Here’s A Look At What’s Coming To Penneys When They Reopen

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It’s been 4 long months without Penneys, but here’s a look at what’s going straight into our basket once Penneys reopen in Ireland.

Summer Is Here, But Don’t Expect Sales

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When Penneys closed their stores on December 31 it was full to the brim of winter stock, don’t expect that to be discounted in store once Penneys reopened. Penneys have confirmed that they have put their winter stock away to be sold later in 2021.

Realistically, it’s not a lot of stock as Penneys do a lot of basics such as jeans and underwear that can be sold all year around. But the winter stock that was in store and the stock that was due to arrive in the months that it was closed will be held over.

That means you can expect to walk into a Penneys store that is stocked full of the best spring summer clothes. Think pastels, midi dresses, sandals and swimsuits.

All The Pastels

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Just look at those pastel colours! Wee NEED that pink blazer!😍

Marc Jacobs Camera Bag Dupe

The Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag has been a popular bag for the past few years, but it is on the spendy side. Enter Penneys.

Penneys will be stocking bags that look *very* similar to the Camera Bag for only €8! They will also be stocking a selection of bag straps so you can change up the look of your bag….just like the Marc Jacobs bags!

As someone who owns an actual Marc Jacobs camera bag but can’t justify €100 on additional straps, I squealed when I saw the camera straps for €4.


We don’t have an official reopening date for Penneys yet, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for a mid to late May or June date. Either way, we will be ready for summer and summer means swimsuits.

We may not be jetting off this summer either but we are intending to make the most of an Irish summer, that means hitting the beach whenever weather permits.

Penneys have a lovely selection of swimwear that will be ready and waiting for you in store when it reopens.


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Summer is never complete with out lots of various Penneys sunglasses thrown in each bag.

Penneys will be selling lot if sunglasses that look very designer and expensive if we do say so ourselves. Will will be picking up a few pairs.

To All The Boys PJs

Once Penneys reopens we will finally be able to get our hands of the To All The Boys pyjamas. The sets were supposed to come out in February along with the movie, but they will be waiting in stores.

Cute Converse

Floral and embroidered converse are huge at the moment and Penneys will be getting in on it with this gorgeous converse-like runners which cost €11.

Are you excited for Penneys to reopen?

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