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#Trending: Embroidered Converse

#Trending: Embroidered Converse

Team Missy

Converse have been a go-to style staple for years, but they are after getting a serious upgrade. Enter the embroidered converse…

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Converse with embroidery have been all over Insta recently and we are OBSESSED!

When it comes to embroidered converse you have three options…

1. Buy Them From A Retailer

ASOS are currently stocking a variety of embroidered converse. They are often sold out, so do keep an eye out for restocking. Other store such as Schuh are also selling them.

2. Buy Them From Etsy

It’s great that you can just hop onto ASOS and buy a pair but they are being mass produced. What about something more different?

Converse with embroidery originally became popular on Etsy with many independent sellers producing beautiful designs that are unique. If you’re looking for something different and special, check out some of the selection of Converse on Etsy.

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We LOVE this pair!

3. Make Your Own Embroidered Converse

Embroidered converse started out as a bit of an up-cycle project that people were doing themselves. If you feel like getting crafty the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating Converse.

There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that will show you how to get started with basic embroidery.


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