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Hobbies To Help You When You Are Feeling Down

Hobbies To Help You When You Are Feeling Down

Róisín Lynch

We could all do with a little boost these days! When things get a bit much it may seem like the only thing you want to do is pull the cover over your head and stay there for the rest of the day.

While a duvet day is no harm (and necessary!) every once in a while it’s important not to have too many of them in a row. Instead, it may be worth while trying out some of these hobbies instead!:

Listen To Music

Not sad music though! It is incredible the impact music has on your mood. A happy song can completely change your mood and give you an energy boost even when you feel like you have none left. Try listening to some of your favourite bops and see what effect it has on your mood.

Go For A Walk

We’ve probably gone on enough walks for a lifetime in the past year but they are incredibly good for your mental health and mood when you are feeling down! Even just a quick walk in the fresh air can leave you feeling a lot more refreshed and relaxed.

Cuddle or Play With Your Pet

Furry friends are great at cheering you up when you are feeling down! Have a cuddle with them, take them for a walk or play some games with them! It is guaranteed to improve your mood in no time!

Do Something Spontaneous

Just do something! Go for it! Go on a trip through the drive-thru with a friend, go on an adventure somewhere you’ve never been before! It will only have a positive effect on your mood!

Do Exercise That You Enjoy

If you enjoy running – Go on a quick run listening to some upbeat music. Do your favourite dance work out or play a game of your favourite sport! As long as it is exercise you enjoy it is sure to boost your mood!

Bake Something

Food fixes just about anything, baking is a really fun hobbie that will definitely lift you spirits! Plus you will have loads of nicely baked treats to indulge in afterwards!

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Watch Your Favourite Movie

if you really don’t feel like going anywhere, try sticking on your favourite movie, if it’s a comedy even better, laughter is the best medicine after all!


Journaling can be a great mood booster. Sometimes you mightn’t feel like talking so why not try journaling instead? It can also be a great way of getting some perspective on the situation you are struggling with. Grab a pen and a notebook and write about whatever comes to mind!

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