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5 Things To Do Instead Of Scrolling On Your Phone

5 Things To Do Instead Of Scrolling On Your Phone

Danielle Mahoney

Hands up if you’re guilty of wasting hours of your time scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. You can’t see me right now, but I’m frantically waving my hand.

I often make the excuse that it’s my job to be on social media, but the reality is is that I’m constantly looking to to be entertained and I spend my time floating between a handful of sites – Instagram and Twitter being the main culprits. When I don’t find something interesting I become frustrated. I’m very aware that this is not the ideal way to be spending my time, so I’ve tried to make an effort to do other things in the evening instead of scrolling on my phone aimlessly.

If you’re like me and on a quest to stop scrolling on your phone, here are a few things to do instead…

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

I used to really enjoy jigsaw puzzles when I was younger, but I haven’t thought about them in years until a friend mentioned that she was having a great time in the evening working on a 1000 piece puzzle. I hopped onto Amazon and I was amazed at the choice. Anyway, I am now addicted to puzzles. Try it. I guarantee you won’t be at all tempted to look at the phone.

I’m currently working on Gibsons An Evening in Paris Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000 piece.

2. Colour

The colouring trend seems to have died down, but I still recommend it. I used to suffer really badly with anxiety when I was traveling on airplanes, but I found that a colouring book worked wonders for me because it distracted me and gave me something to focus on.

The Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Colouring Book is still my favourite but I like travel editions for my bag when flying incase anything happens to them. I think I got them in Alidi, so keep an eye out.

3. Knitting

I am very competitive when it comes to knitting; I just can’t stop! It’s super easy to learn how to knit with the wonder that is YouTube and there’s just something so therapeutic about it. It’s such a great feeling to be able to show sometime for your time and effort, even if it is a lopsided scarf!

4. Read

I love reading, but I’ve found that my addiction to my phone has really impacted my ability to focus on reading over the past few years. I have made an effort to combat this and I’ve noticed a huge change in my mental health.

We have lots of recommendations for books on so make sure that you check it out.

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5. Have The Chats

And by chat I mean, real life, face to face chats, not over messenger. There’s nothing better than spending quality time chatting with loved ones.

So, whether it’s your mam, sister, besties or dog make some time to make some real connections with people. Even better, try reaching out to someone who you mightn’t have seen in a while and ask them for coffee, you never know how much they might really appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

Are you going to make more of an effort to stop scrolling on your phone?

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