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How To Be Savvy When Shopping For Makeup

How To Be Savvy When Shopping For Makeup

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We love makeup here at Missy, but it’s an expensive habit.

Don’t just jump in and make a big purchase because everyone is talking about a certain product. We all have different skin and different requirements, as well as likes and dislikes. So, its best to do your homework before you waste money on a product that isn’t right for you. Here are some tips on you can savvy when shopping for makeup…

Read Reviews is a great resource to use when shopping for makeup and beauty products. Beauty Book pulls a variety of reviews from different blogs and websites, so it’s very easy to get a balanced opinion on what’s worth your money.

Ask For Samples

Don’t buy something unless you’ve had a chance to try it out first, especially if it’s on the expensive side. Getting the correct foundation is super important and always worth the extra effort. It’s so frustrating to waste your money on a product that you can’t use. So, if its a high-end foundation go to the makeup counter and ask for a sample.

Watch YouTube Videos

Sounds super obvious in this day and age, but take some time to find some reviews of products on YouTube. See how other people use each product and if they would recommend it for your skin type.

Search Hashtags

A lot of smaller beauty bloggers, or even just ordinary people who enjoy sharing their options on makeup use hashtags on Instagram. Have a search for the product you’re investigating and see what the general vibe is on it. Now we do love our YouTubers, BUT sometimes it can be had to know when the product deals end and the constant positive reviews become grating. Smaller bloggers can be a lot more reliable and easier to ask a question.

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Look At What You Already Have

Yes, we all want the latest releases, but there does come a time when you really do have all that you need. Take a look at what you already have, chance are you probably already have it or something super similar. It might even be time to say goodbye to some of those products that have been lingering in your drawers for years. Then you can totally justify a new purchase!

Have you any tips about how to be savvy when shopping for makeup?

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