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How To Bounce Back After A Break-Up

How To Bounce Back After A Break-Up

Alannah Murray

There’s never really is an ideal time for a breakup, whether it’s you who initiated the breaking up or not.
Breakups can be long, rough and challenging. They can also be all consuming, which makes the rest of your life a little harder while you are slumped about the breakup. So here are just some of the ways to bounce back after a break-up

The easiest way to speed up the breakup process is to cut all ties to the other person. That means deleting their social media and maybe even their number. This does NOT mean that you are being petty, it means that you are giving yourself space to heal. That space is very hard to find when the ex’s face is popping up every time you open your phone. And cutting ties does not mean that you never speak again. It can just be for a while, until you get your bearings.

It might seem like you’re staying in the slump of the breakup, but you aren’t a robot. Crying is just a good release of emotions and if they aren’t released you’ll just hold onto them until they begin to weigh you down. So, cry and cry properly. Get a tub of ice-cream and watch sad movies for a day. Think of it like a cleanse, but just not a juice cleanse – they are awful and way worse than a breakup, trust us!

It’s very easy when you are in a relationship with someone to get lost in their world and begin to do everything with them. So, when you suddenly don’t have this person anymore, it can be very difficult to get back into doing things alone, whether that be walking in the park or going to the cinema. So, you need to start doing the things that you did with the ex, again, but without them. It is a good process to start getting into. And if doing the activities alone is too much, invite a friend. Remind yourself of the life before them.

While being in a relationship a portion of your time went to that person, so now you will have some spare time that you may not know what to do with. Dedicate this time back to friends. Go for coffee, go out, have a sleepover. Fill the time that you used to spend with them; it’s one of the best ways to bounce back after a break-up!

It’s easy to slip into a circle of doubting yourself after a breakup, whether you were the instigator or not. You can start to think badly about yourself or start to feel shy because suddenly you are single again. It’s a big jump. So, preach and practice self-love even harder than before. The ‘ex’ is not the be all and end all of the world. There are another 7,999,999,999 billion people in the world besides them.

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All those 7,999,999,999 people we talked about. Go get em’. Don’t fall into a ‘I will be single forever’ routine because that idea will stick to you. Whether you need some harmless flirting or maybe you feel ready for another relationship, you should go for it. It’s your time to shine.

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