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5 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

5 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

Jessie Bennett

A breakup isn’t an easy thing to go through, whether you’re the “dumper or the dumpee.” But, it’s important to remember all things happen for a reason. While you may have been head over heels, it wasn’t meant to be, and the person for you is out there somewhere, you’ve just gotta be patient! However, there’s nothing wrong with having a little cry, it’s important to mourn, that way you’re in the best place to recover!

1. Block Them on ALL Social Media

Seeing their name pop up in your newsfeed or seeing a selfie on your Insta feed after a breakup can be hard. We suggest hitting that block and/or unfollow button asap. They might get offended but it’s whats best for you that counts. A total detox is important in a break up.

2. Don’t Text Them

After a breakup you can feel a bit lonely. You’re no longer texting 24/7, and suddenly you’re faced with watching the 3 seasons left in the show you were watching together by yourself. It’s important to realise that this is perfectly ok. It’s important to spend time with yourself and not become dependent on other people for amusement. So, no matter how much you crave their company, do not pick up the phone. Go for a walk and listen to some Dua Lipa!

3. Wallow 

Now we’re not talking enter a never ending state of self-pity, but it’s important to have a good wallow after a breakup. Fire on some Gilmore Girls, throw on your sweats, grab a hot water bottle, and a bucket of ice cream with some chocolate on the side, and wallow. As we said, it is important to mourn the relationship in order to move on in a healthy way.

4. Exercise 

Once you’ve had your wallow it’s time to focus on staying healthy. Both your mental and physical health are important to take care of after a breakup. If you’re a bit angry after the breakup, channel that anger into something productive, take up kickboxing or running. Push yourself. Your body releases endorphins when we exercise so it’s a great natural way to promote happiness. Just don’t over do it…

 5. “Let’s be friends” 

If your ex suggests to stay friends after you breakup, and that’s something that you’re really not comfortable with, then politely say no. You shouldn’t feel obliged to stay friends just because you were once in a relationship. For most, a clean break is the best way to go, and that’s perfectly ok. What you want is important,there’s no need to please them just for the sake of it. Best to be honest from the off set!

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Dealing with a breakup during your teen years, whether it’s your first breakup or not, can feel like a lot. But the day will come when you’re over it.  For now, just feel it. It’s ok to be sad.

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