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How to Dress Like Your Favourite Netflix Characters

How to Dress Like Your Favourite Netflix Characters

Neasa Murphy

You watch them go through ups and downs on screen, you follow their stories, you fall in love with their boyfriends and hate their enemies – why not dress like them too? There’s no better feeling than finding a new series or movie to immerse yourself in, and sometimes when the story ends, you just wish it could go on a little longer. Channelling your favourite character through fashion can be a fun way to keep yourself immersed in a story you loved, and it’ll keep your wardrobe inspired.
Here’s how to dress like some of your favourite Netflix characters…

Lara Jean – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

If Lara Jean can make Noah Centin- ehm, sorry – we mean Peter Kavinsky, fall in love with her, then we definitely want to follow her lead. Lara Jean’s style is quite mixed, so it’s a little hard to pin down, but that’s why it’s so fun. She likes to mix preppy pieces in with more casual ones and she plays with colour, but usually goes for more subtle tones. Lara Jean always keeps it pretty comfy too, so she can run away from a love letter recipient at a moment’s notice.
This cute checked mini skirt from Urban Outfitters is very Lara Jean, especially if you pair it with a simple round-necked top, comfy shoes, and her signature brown leather backpack. Top it all off with a high ponytail and a scrunchy.

Sabrina – The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina has a very consistent bold, put together style. She always looks like she could take over the world without breaking a sweat, so she’s the character to channel if you’ve got a big day ahead. Her looks are mostly more wintery, but you can still channel Sabrina this summer by sticking to high-waists and classic colour combinations, like this black skirt and white blouse from Top Shop. Be sure to finish off the look with a leather jacket, some red lipstick, and a whole lot of “watch me” attitude.

Maeve – Sex Education

Maeve is a true feminist. She’s the kind of character you turn to for inspiration when you’ve had enough of the world around you, or when you really need to stand up for yourself. It’s pretty easy to channel her style by throwing on a denim skirt and some black lace up boots, but this black denim dress from Asos is also totally Maeve, and a little bit more fun.
To take your Maeve style to the next level, temporarily dye your hair pink (like season one Maeve) with this wash out spray from Boots.

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Elle – Kissing Booth

Our final Netflix style queen is Elle King, who’s due to return to our screens this month with Kissing Booth 2. Elle’s style is probably the easiest to channel because she keeps everything simple, summery, and cute. She’s the perfect inspiration if you’re dressing for a family meal in the summertime, or just a walk and a coffee on a sunny day.
You won’t go far without a solid pair of denim shorts this summer, so start there. Elle’s tops are usually very girly, so add something off the shoulder or something floral, like the summer tops from Asos below.
Do you take style inspiration from TV and movies? Will you dress like your favourite Netflix characters?

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