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10 TV Shows With at Least 10 Seasons

10 TV Shows With at Least 10 Seasons

Sophie Coffey

At this point most of us have made rather sizable dents in our watchlists and are looking for something new. There is an ever-expanding selection of available shows but there are far fewer that have hit that venerated ten-season milestone. This impressive running length tends to be an indicator of huge popularity and great acclaim.
So, if you are looking for something binge worthy this weekend then stock up on the snacks! Here are ten TV shows with at least 10 seasons.


What better way to start this list then with one of the most loved shows in tv history! The hilarious adventures of the Friends cast spanned 236 episodes across a ten-year period. The show aired its final episode in 2004 and with a reunion show in the works we cannot wait!
Friends is currently streaming on Netflix.

Criminal Minds

The graphic scenarios mean this is not for the faint of heart, but the Criminal Minds storylines are definitely gripping. Following the adventures of the FBI’s Behaviour Analysts the show depicts the most endearing of characters and also the most loathsome of villains! To the disappointment of fans, the fifteenth and final season aired in 2019.


This is another long running series that follows a group of special agents, but this time it is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. As if the phenomenal 398 aired episodes of this show were not enough, NCIS has been renewed for an astronomical eighteenth season! This drama has been adored by viewers since 2003 making it the perfect series if you have a few spare hours (or days) to fill.


Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean as they hunt down everything from vampires and werewolves to angels and demons. Throw in some intriguing characters, a brilliant brotherly relationship, unfailingly gripping storylines, and Supernatural is well worth a watch! After production was halted by Covid-19, the cast and crew are set to return to filming the fifteenth and final season later this month.

Modern Family

After the dramatic genres of the previous shows, a little humour is well overdue! And there is no doubt that comedy was reliably at the forefront of Modern Family. In April of this year Modern Family came to an end after eleven seasons. The show aired 250 brilliant episodes between 2009 and 2020.

Bondi Rescue

Usually when we consider TV series our minds spring to the fictional dramas. In fact, there are some fantastic reality series out there and Bondi Rescue is a firm favourite of many. Australia’s busiest beach has been keeping fans of the show entertained for fifteen seasons. From bluebottle stings on the shore to drowning tourists in the sea, Bondi Beach never fails to excite!

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Bingeworthy shows do not get much better than Law and Order SVU thanks to their 478 aired episodes to date. The secrets behind their success include engaging storylines, superb scriptwriting and a fantastic cast. Earlier this year the show -which is currently airing its 21st season – was renewed for a further three seasons, guaranteeing 24 in total! Talk about overachievers!

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Doctor Who

While most of the series on this list are courtesy of big American networks, Doctor Who is all thanks to the BBC. The astonishing 861 episodes have been aired across 38 seasons with the very first episode released way back in 1963! Since the series’ pilot a total of thirteen people have played the infamous doctor and the show is not over yet!

Grey’s Anatomy

Topping off this list is a show that currently holds the title of the longest running primetime medical show in TV history! This is thanks to the impressive 363 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy already aired since the pilot release in 2005. Fortunately the upcoming seventeenth season looks set to be filled with the same dramatic plots and fantastic friendships that have been enamouring the show to viewers for years. And of course, there are even a few dreamy doctors too!
Are there any more series with 10 seasons or more that you can think of?

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