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How To Keep Your Brows Looking Good In Lockdown

How To Keep Your Brows Looking Good In Lockdown

Róisín Lynch

There’s nothing like getting your eyebrows done!

When our brows are done (whether we do the rest of our makeup or not) there is very little we feel like we can’t achieve! If you want to know how to feel brow confident all throughout lockdown then keep reading!

Dealing With Your Brows In Lockdown

Keep up the tweezing

The best way to keep your eyebrows in good shape is to keep plucking them. every couple of days during your morning skincare or make up routine just pluck out any strays you can see. This is the best way to keep them in fabulous shape while not requiring too much work!

Only tweeze the very obvious strays and don’t be tempted to try reshape your eyebrows, it never ends well. This is all about maintaining them until you can get in for your next brow appointment, whenever that will be.

Brush them out

It’s natural for eyebrows to look a bit bushy and out of control in the morning. A simple brush through with an eyebrow brush is all you need to get them back in to shape again. It’s best to start by brushing your eyebrow hairs up and then fix the tail hairs by brushing down. This can even be all you need to do to  them for the day if a natural tidy brow is all you’re looking to achieve!

Enhance your colour with an eyebrow pencil

If you want to go the extra mile, an eyebrow pencil is what you’re looking for! It’s amazing the difference enhancing your natural eyebrow colour can make and this can often be achieved using one product alone! Start by choosing an eyebrow pencil the same shade as your hair if you have dark brown or black hair. For light brown, blonde and red heads choose a light brown shade. Lightly run the pencil along the outside of your brows, following your natural brow line, then lightly draw up on the outer hairs by the top of your nose, pressing a little bit harder with the pencil go over the main body of the brows until you are satisfied with the colour and Viola!

Soap and Glory’s The Archery is great for this as it is nicely pigmented and comes with a setting gel so your perfect brows can stay in place all day! You can find it online on

Highlight is your best friend!

To make your brows stand out and look in tip top shape, highlight is your best option! It’s best if you have an eyebrow pencil as this can easily be drawn along the outline of your brows however, if you don’t have one, pale white eyeshadow will do the trick just fine! Apply the pencil under your brow following it’s natural shape, use your finger tip to make sure it’s blended in nicely and you’re done! If you’re using eyeshadow simply place a bit of the eyeshadow on your finger tip and apply it under the brow, same as if you were using the pencil, following the natural shape of your brow.

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Benefit’s High Brow Glow luminous highlight and lift pencil is great for this and can be purchased off their website at. However if you’re looking for something a little bit less expensive NYX has a great two in one eyebrow pencil and highlight that will do the job perfectly.

How are you dealing with your brows in Lockdown? Or are you just ignoring them and hoping for the best?

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