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5 Things To Know About ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever’

5 Things To Know About ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever’

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The countdown is officially on to the release of To All The Boys: Always And Forever!

While you wait for the 12th of February here are some facts that you need to know about To All The Boys Always And Forever

It will be the last movie in the series

We know, we’re devo too that we have to say goodbye to Lara Jean and Peter K, because this will be the last movie in the To All The Boys series. It’s based on the third and final book, Always And Forever, Lara Jean which sees Lara Jean and Peter navigate the last few months of their senior year in high school and how they deal with their lives and relationship changing as they head of to college.

It was partially filmed in South Korea

TATB3 is going to try fill the travel shaped hole in our lives. We haven’t been on an airplane in almost a year, so we’ll take our travel fix where we can in the form of beautiful South Korea, which we’ll get to see in the movie.

Always And Forever was partially filmed in Seoul, South Korea as Lara Jean’s Korean heritage is a huge part of her life.

The movie will differ from the books

Spolier alert but two major things in the trailer jumped out at us as being very different from the book Always And Forever, Lara Jean.

In the book Lara Jean is leaving for South Korea at the end to spend the summer there. In the movie LJ is spending her spring break in SK, which makes us think that the movie opens with LJ on her spring holidays, and she then travels back home to do her last semester in high school. Why is this important? In the book Peter is not happy that he and Lara Jean will be spending the summer apart and it causes serious issues in their relationship.

The other big difference? In the movie trailer it looks as if Lara Jean is considering college in New York City after heading to a part with Chris and her old foe, Gen.

To All The Boys 3 was secretly filmed at the same time as To All The Boys 2

Netflix pulled a fast one on us! The streaming giant confirmed To All The Boys 2 and left us hanging about a possibility of a To All The Boys 3 for over a year before confirming that a 2nd and 3rd move had been filmed back to back. So when we all thought that only the 2nd movie was being filmed the third one was also quietly been done. V sneaky of you, Netflix.

Netflix did the same thing with it’s other YA hit, The Kissing Booth. The second and third instalment were filmed back-to-back in South Africa to ensure the cast were available for both. That’s also out in 2021.

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John Ambrose McClaren WILL Be In TATBILB3!

Spoiler Alert

At the end of TATBILB2 Lara Jean and Peter got back back together after a break up where Lara Jean gave very serious consideration to dating John Ambrose McClaren. Well, it looks like we will be seeing John Ambrose in Always And Forever in *some* capacity. Could he be back to sway Lara Jean one last time?

Now that you have some facts, are you excited to see To All The Boys Always And Forever?

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