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Inspirational Irish Women In Media

Inspirational Irish Women In Media

Sophie Coffey

Whether it is in print and online journalism, broadcasting or television, Irish women are leaving their mark on our media. Here are women who do just that…

Sinead Burke

Sinead Burke is possibly the most well know female on this list. Last autumn she was included on Meghan Markle’s ‘Forces for Change’ Vogue cover, but Sinead has been an activist and writer for many years.

In 2018 she appeared on the cover for The Business of Fashion alongside Kim Kardashian.

More recently Sinead launched a podcast As Me with Sinead. To date she has interviewed Victoria Beckham, Hozier and Jameela Jamil to name but a few.

Also check out her Ted Talk “Why design should include everyone

Louise McSharry

Louise is a broadcaster who currently presents her own show on 2fm. She has also contributed to, Insider Magazine, the and Image Magazine. In 2016 Louise released her own memoir titled Fat Chance; My Life In Ups, Downs and Crisp Sandwiches.

Definitely give Louise a follow on Instagram.

Samantha Barry

A native of Cork, Samantha Barry is the Editor-in-Chief of the American edition of Glamour Magazine.

Samantha has packed a lot into her career; she previously worked as a reporter and journalist for RTÉ, Newstalk, the BBC and was an executive producer for CNN Worldwide before being selected by Anna Wintour to helm Glamour.

Joanne Cantwell

Joanne Cantwell is a sports journalist and broadcaster who has worked with FM104 and TV3. She currently hosts RTE’s The Sunday Game, becoming the first ever female to do so.

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Roisin Agnew

Rosin Agnew is a journalist and founder of Guts magazine. Guts is a six issue magazine with confessional style pieces contributed by predominately Irish authors that has focussed on themes such as outsiders and shame.

Sinead McSweeney

A number of the women on this list have been commended for the work they have produced in the media, however, Sinead McSweeney makes her mark as a woman behind the scenes of Irish media. McSweeney is the managing director of Twitters Irish division and has a philosophy of “resilience and respect”

Neasa Hardiman

Neasa Hardiman is an award winning screenwriter and director. Her projects -which have seen her win awards at the BAFTAS, Cannes, the London Film Awards and the Irish Film Board- have an emphasis on the themes of outsiders and connection, identity and alterity. She has also worked with RTE, Channel 4 and the BBC.

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