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Leaving Cert Exam Diary: November

Leaving Cert Exam Diary: November

Sophie Coffey

Follow writer, Sophie Coffey, as she navigates the 2020 Leaving Certificate month-by-month. In part 2, Sophie shares her November Leaving Cert Exam Diary.

3 months down, 6 to go!

We are one-third of the way through! 

Mid term was a much need break but as soon as we returned it was straight into talks of our futures and colleges. This month has been a hive of activity in regard to college talks and open days. The little pile of college information on my desk is growing steadily and glossy brochures and points targets litter my room.

Open Days and CAO Time

I have attended two college open days. The first was University College Dublin (UCD) and then more recently Trinity College Dublin (TCD). With its historic significance and reputable arts programmes Trinity is my first choice if I can achieve the points. However, there is no doubt that both open days left me awed. When I am sitting in a class with much of the course left to complete or following term long revision plans it can seem never ending. Attending these open days definitely impressed upon me the startling realisation of just how close college is.

To add to this realisation, the CAO application has now opened. Currently mine is looking rather repetitive with English courses in every college in the county interspersed with journalism and media studies. Currently my number one choice is English literature and Sociology in Trinity and it looks like I will need over 500 points. Alternatively sometimes Basket Weaving and Jam Making look like much safer choices! Although I recently discovered that Jam Making actually refers, not to creating the sugary preserve as I had always believed, but to making actual door jams. Who knew? Well presumably those on the course anyway.

A Testing Season

This rest of the school are settling in for Christmas exams while the third and sixth years prepare themselves for block classes. These are hour long classes instead of the forty minute lessons we are used too. The sixth years also have four study blocks on our timetable. It’s quite a desperate sign of how this year is going that the majority of the sixth years were thrilled at the sight of study blocks in our timetables. There is nothing like an hour long Irish lesson on a Monday morning to really start the week on a good note.

Christmas Here We Come!

This term has had its stresses it has not been without its positives. As we count down until Christmas plenty of festive activities are underway. There are carol services and kris kindles to look forward too of course. Most importantly is the talent show, an annual event organised by the sixth years for the enjoyment of the other years. Naturally this years performance will be the best yet!

See Also

Most of the time I can’t wait until Christmas. I might be eighteen but when December comes around I may as well be eight years old again. Unfortunately the countdown to Christmas this year is tarred slightly by the simultaneous countdown until mocks. I definitely know which one I’m looking forward to more!

Top tip: Fill out your CAO application now before the price of applying goes up

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