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Making the Most of Level 5 Midterm

Making the Most of Level 5 Midterm

Sophie Coffey

Congratulations! You have completed what is often considered to be the toughest (and longest!) half term of the academic year. And now for a well-deserved break.

Except this year, that break looks a little bit different under the shadow of the country’s Level 5 restrictions. It is absolutely essential that we abide by these rules and do our utmost best to keep our family and community safe. We know this is true, but it can still be tough when it comes to the impact of the restrictions on our daily lives.

To help you out, the team at have been coming up with articles of advice and support. So far, we have covered “How To Still Be Social Whilst Maintaining Social Distance”,  “How To Deal With Friends Ignoring COVID Restrictions” and “How To Deal With COVID Anxiety”. Now we have come up with seven ways to get the most out of your midterm break!

Schedule a Zoom

Okay, so fair enough we have possibly all had enough of Zoom to last us a lifetime! But as a college fresher who has never actually met her course mates in person, I can certify that it is essential for safe socialising! Why not have a themed Halloween Zoom to celebrate while staying safe! Dress-up, baking competitions, Halloween quizzes…. the options are endless!

Fit in some morning walks!

Most people have engaged in plenty of walks in recent months. However, since returning to school it is likely that your available time to go out on walks has reduced. The evenings are also beginning to get darker much earlier limiting your window of opportunity slightly. Take advantage of the lighter mornings and start your day with a cobweb clearing walk this Halloween break!

Bake something spooky!

This is my go-to for any pandemic activity lists, but it is so effective. Why not try some Halloween inspired baking or cook a warm autumnal dinner for the family! Depending on the complexity of your recipe, baking can take as little or as long as you would like. So, if you fancy whipping something up in a spare thirty minutes, find a simple biscuit recipe. Or if you feel like filling one of your quiet Level 5 days, consider a complex recipe that will keep you both occupied and well-fed!

Try some Halloween inspired looks

The spooky season might not have all of its typical features this year but there are still some amazing ways of enhancing that Halloween mood. Challenge yourself to give one of these scarily good Halloween inspired make-up looks or spooky nail art a go!

Check out podcasts

Found that you have binge watched all of Netflix already? Podcasts are great options to provide entertainment or information. With varying lengths, topics, and presenters there are plenty of options to choose from. Podcasts are also great ways to change up the monotone of walking within the same 5km area!

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Get some work done!

A thrilling suggestion, I know! But if there was ever a time to be stuck inside studying it may as well be when there is very little going on outside! If you missed any days of school during the term or are struggling with a particular topic now is a great time to get on top of it. And if you happen to be feeling really ambitious, now might even be a good time to get stuck into some Christmas exam revision!

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping!

Speaking of Christmas, if you have had enough of Halloween already then why not turn your valued time and attention to our next festivity! December is rolling in and many retailers are already offering the seasonal stock. Even if you don’t purchase anything yet, it is definitely worth doing a little research into Irish brands and supporting your local businesses!

How are you planning to spend your mid-term break? We’re running a little Midterm challenge over on our Instagram!

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