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Monday Myths: Periods

Monday Myths: Periods

Team Missy

‘Monday Myths’ is a new segment on, where we state facts about certain topics, and you decide if you believe them to be true or false. We’ll then let you know whether it’s true or not.

This week’s topic is…Period myths.

Period Myths Busted


Your period cycle should be 28 Days…


Everyone’s period cycle is different.

Some are as short as 25 days, some are longer at 34 days. What is important when it comes to the your cycle is not how/long short it is but how regular it is. As long as there is a pattern and you are bleeding every month that’s all that matters.

Using a tampon can burst your hymen….


It is commonly believed that a tampon can potentially burst your hymen and “take”your virginity, but this is not true.

The hymen is a flat piece of tissue that completely covers the vaginal opening. Some women are even born without one!While a tampon can cause the hymen totear it can’t actually burst it.

Menstrual blood is different to regular blood…


There’s lots of rumours out there that period blood is “dirty” blood, or more water than blood but this is a myth. Your period blood is the same as regular blood! Sometimes your blood can look brown at the beginning and end of your cycle.

This is blood that has just been in the uterus for longer!

You should get your period every single month….


It is good to be regularly getting your period every month, however don’t worry if once in a blue moon you miss a month, this happens to everyone. It can be caused by a number of things such as hormone fluctuations, the amount of exercise you are doing or even how much you are eating.

You can’t get pregnant on your period….


It is still possible to get pregnant even on your period. If you have a short cycle and happen to ovulate early there is a chance this can happen at the same time you are on your period.

The average starting age
for periods is 12…


The average starting age for periods is 12, however some people start at age 9, whilst others might not start until their late teens.

There are more than 5,000 euphemisms for periods
around the world…


From phrases like “the painters are in town” in English, to “Erdbeerwoche,” which is German for “Strawberry week.”

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You’ll have more than
400 periods in an
average lifetime…


On average, from the first period to menopause a person can experience 450 periods in their lifetime.

NASA asked Sally Rider if she would need 100 tampons for the week of her period in space…


Before her mission to space, Sally Rider was asked by NASA engineers if she would need 100 tampons for the week of her period. Her response? “No. That would not be the right number.”

Tampons were invented by a man…


According to research, Earl Haas invented the menstrual tampon as we’d know it today, in 1931. Later, a woman named Gertrude Tendrich, produced the first commercial tampon brand, Tampax, using Haas’s patented design.

Did you believe any of these period myths?

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We’ll be back next week with more Monday Myths!

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