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Mr.Price Have You Covered For Back To School Supplies

Mr.Price Have You Covered For Back To School Supplies

Team Missy

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Let’s be honest, going back to school isn’t the easiest task in the world. But you know what brings us genuine joy? The thought of all that new stationery!

We headed into our local Mr. Price to take a look at some of the stationery options available and we were spoilt for choice. Mr. Price have lots of branded bargains available in store and it really is stationery heaven. They carry a wide selection of pens, notebooks, markers, highlighters and art supplies. They basically have all of the back to school supplies you could ever need.

Here are some of our top picks from Mr. Price that are sure to brighten up any returning to school blues…

Pens, Pencils And Everything Else

Anyone else get super excited about buying new pens and markers? Something that instantly caught our eye was this Sharpie Marker set. There are 28 Sharpie markers in the set and it only costs €9.99, which works out at 35 cent each per marker! These are so handy for art classes and for decorating notebooks.

Staying Organised

Speaking of notebooks, Mr. Price have lots of different branded copies, notebooks and hardbacks available. We highly rate the notebooks with dividers because you can assign a subject for each section. This is a great way to stay organised as it keeps everything all in one place. Another great organisation tip is to buy button wallets and assign a wallet for every subject. That way you can keep all of your copies and notes together and you’re not left in a panic when you can’t find your Irish Grammar copy!

Cute Study Supplies

Highlighters are a must for studying and although Mr. Price have all the usual highlighters available, we spotted a lovely little highlighting set that are shaped like nail polishes. So cute!

Math Essentials

Investing in a great calculator is definitely a must from the very first day of secondary school and Casio are always the top recommendation from teachers. We love how fun this pink Casio Calculator is, but it’s also available in black.

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Environmentally Friendly Lunch Boxes

Another school essential is a good lunch box. Mr. Price have lots of options, but we really love the look of this rubbish free lunchbox set. This makes it really easy to separate your food and means you can bring a variety of snacks. It’s also environmentally friendly and cuts down on waste. Mr. Price also have lots of water bottle options too.

Mr. Price have lots more back to school supplies in store and online. So, it well worth going in and having a look.


Want to win some awesome back to school supplies from Mr. Price? Head over to our Instagram to enter our giveaway.

*This post was made in collaboration with Mr Price, a brand we have loved for many years! All views belong to Team Missy.

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