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Quick and Simple Brunch Ideas To Make This Weekend

Quick and Simple Brunch Ideas To Make This Weekend

Ella Morley

Is there a better start to any weekend than Brunch?  A chance to sleep in followed by mouth-watering delicacies, Jazz music and catching up with friends or a good book.   Brunch is by far the best meal of the day. So, whether you’re planning a lazy Sunday with a loved one or just treating yourself, here are some quick and simple brunch ideas.


Eggs – Simple yet delicious.

No brunch is complete without them. There are multiple ways you can incorporate an egg into brunch.  From scrambled to poached, hard boiled to eggs Benedict, the possibilities are endless. What is more is that these dishes are refreshingly healthy so you can rest assured knowing they are packed with nutrients. They go well with everything so bacon and sausages if you are on a full Irish roll or spinach and tomatoes for those aiming for a more Mediterranean vibe.

A choice of bread options is a must.

What is your preference?

Scones – a personal favourite. Light, luxurious and easy to make. This is a brunch must. Whether you opt to fill them with jam and cream or butter and marmalade, these gorgeous treats never disappoint. Just grab some flour, eggs, butter and milk find a recipe and get baking. For an effective short cut, try some of the many scone mixes that are in the baking aisle and you only need to add butter and water. Sorted.

Croissants – Where would we be without them? These are a brunch classic.  Flaky, light and divine. This is a combination you cannot miss. Phenomenal with bacon or cream cheese and salmon, Croissants are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Hats off to the French for delighting us with this delicacy.  Have a bag of ready to cook croissants in your freezer for a speedy hot treat.

Pancakes – An indulgence beloved by all.


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With so many variations to choose from there is a pancake for everyone and every food preference. There is no shortage of pancake recipes so the type of pancake you choose is completely up to you. Are you up for making blueberry or banana pancakes? Perhaps a plain pancake is your speciality or a healthier wholemeal pancake for those looking at a healthier option. The best thing about pancakes is that you can prepare your mixture the night before and simply cook them the next day. No pancake is complete without toppings. Make sure to pick from a variety of fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and mango. Top it off with some maple syrup or for complete indulgence, try a good quality chocolate spread.  Taste buds salivating at the thought.  Yum!

Fruit Salad – A classic quick dish that is as simple as it is delicious.

A fruit salad is a great start to attaining your five or even seven a day. Any assortment of fruit will do. Cut and mix all of your produce together and there you have it. How easy was that? This tasty appetizer will be gone in a flash so be sure that you get your fair share.

A Juice or smoothie – You can’t beat freshly juiced fruit in the morning.

Between freshly squeezed orange juice and pressed apple there is no better refreshment to add to your brunch. Alternatively, a freshly blended smoothie can be just as invigorating. Either culminates to a beautiful meal. Bon Appétit!

What’s your favourite weekend brunch idea?

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