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Say Hello To Our New Monthly Digital Magazine

Say Hello To Our New Monthly Digital Magazine

Team Missy

We have some super exciting news to share with you…
We’ve been very busy bees creating a brand new digital magazine. Our new magazine will be available monthly and will be packed with exclusive Missy content that won’t be available on the website.
Our very first issue is all about Back To School. There’s over 70 pages of brand new content, exclusive interviews and a deadly interactive experience, if we do say so ourselves!

What’s in the digital magazine???

A lot!
Ok, deep breath, there’s….

  • An interview with Aileen Gallagher where we talk about her school experience, life after college, starting her own business and how she stays positive
  • The must-have essentials for your school locker and school bag!
  • How to cope with blended learning during COVID-19
  • Dealing with back to school anxiety
  • We chat school problems in our ‘We’re All Friends Here’ agony aunt column
  • If you’re heading into 1st year you NEED to read our guide to starting secondary school
  • Read our tips on how to juggle school AND extracurriculars
  • Uh-oh, is your friend group changing? Fear not we have advice for you!
  • How to cope with school stress during exam years
  • Worried that the pandemic is going to ruin your T.Y year?
  • We have tips on how to get back into the swing of school after T.Y
  • Tips on how to succeed at weekend study (without turning into a ball of stress!
  • Tips for taking on a leadership role in school
  • Lots of fashion, like how to personalise your school bag, school hair accessories, how to wear tartan and all the cosy longe/study wear that you need
  • How to banish stress breakouts
  • How to deal with Maskne now that face coverings are the must-have item for autumn/winter 2020
  • School hair inspo
  • We chatted exclusively to Lauren Guilfoyle about the importance of sport for girls
  • How to deal with periods in school
  • The 10 books you HAVE to read
  • We chat about our fave TV shows set in school (basically just an excuse for us to use pictures of Paul Mescal!)
  • Speaking of Irish school experiences on the screen…we chatted with the cast of Dating Amber to find out everything about the Irish movie of the year
  • AND….last but not least, he have quizzes! Sure everyone loves a good quiz!

Yep! We packed all that into one fantastic digital magazine! We think it’s deadly and we hope you think so too! There’s also have some pretty cool features that allows you to shop fashion and beauty pages right from the magazine on your phone, tablet or computer.

We’re Excited

This is the start of an exciting new chapter for We have a few other exciting things happening over the next few weeks which we think you’re going to love too!
We’re still super committed to bringing you all the best content for free on but our new digital magazine it extra special.

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How Do I Get The Missy Digital Magazine?

You can purchase the brand new Missy Magazine on Issuu now! It costs €2.99 and payment is through a secure system using Stripe.


Are you excited for the digital magazine?
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