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Study Tips For Conquering The Leaving Cert

Study Tips For Conquering The Leaving Cert

Ella Morley

Sixth year is one of the most difficult years you will have to get through, but you can do this and once you finish you will find a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

Until then you will just have to keep on going and dream of all the things you will do once this year is over. For the time being here are some study tips to help guide you on the way to your Leaving Cert exam.

Examine Past Papers

Past papers are fantastic to work from when studying. The majority of your exams will be made up of questions that have come up before. Therefore, practicing questions that come directly from the booklet and completing them is a fantastic way to revise. You may come to realise you do not know a certain topic as well as you thought you did. This will give you a chance to revise this chapter. If this topic does come up, you are prepared for it.

Knowing the papers inside out will allow you to become familiar with the structure of the exam. This will enable you to work out your timings. This is a one of the best ways to study for the Leaving Cert exam. Remember practice makes perfect.

Find A Routine

Routine is important. Getting up at the same each day and getting a full night’s sleep is essential. There is no use burning the midnight oil studying for a test.

A good night’s sleep is far more beneficial and ensures that you are bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning.

Make A Study Plan

Spend a maximum of 20 mins on this. Be realistic. You will not be able to do 10 hours of study every day.

You do not need to spend hours making it look pretty. We all know that timetables surrounded by flowers and stars look brilliant but that is not the point of a study plan. 

Make sure to include breaks. This will give your brain a chance to rejuvenate before getting back to it. We are not to designed to study for hours on end without stopping. If you take on too much your concentration and focus levels will suffer. Therefore, it is more productive to take a few breathers than revise straight for a long period of time.  

Do Not Neglect Your Health

Sixth years are notorious for neglecting their physical and mental health. Days can go by where they forget to exercise or take account of what they are feeling. Remember to make time for exercise during the day. Whether you take walk around the park or follow a workout on YouTube it is particularly important that you make the time. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will also decrease your stress levels which is always a good thing. S

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peaking of stress levels, do not forget to take note of how you’re feeling every now and again. Sixth year can be a very overwhelming year so do not be afraid to talk to someone. A good vent to your friends or a conversation with a trusted adult can do you the world of good. You realise just how much you bottled up and letting it all out will do wonders for your stress levels.

Just Do It

The hardest part about studying is getting down to it. Just start and you will find everything will start flowing naturally. Gather everything you will need from your books to a water bottle. Make sure you have a clear study space and get revising.

If you are reading this article for advice, then chances are you are a sixth year or at least a member of the senior cycle. Well, this is your sign to start studying. Come on. Turn off the phone. Put the head down and just do it.

Good luck!!!

Have you any study tips for the Leaving Cert?

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