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The Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin

The Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin

Róisín Lynch

Are you looking for the best way to exfoliate and get soft, shiny skin? Look no further than dry brushing!

Dry brushing is probably one of the most underestimated ways of exfoliating and treating dry skin. If you suffer from water retention in any part of your body, dry brushing could be for you! It promotes lymphatic drainage which majorly improves the appearance of puffy skin as a result of water retention.

If you aren’t too familiar with it, we are sure you will be running to your local pharmacy to hunt one down ASAP after discovering all of the benefits it has to offer!

So what exactly is dry brushing?

Dry brushing involves using a dry, stiff-bristled brush to massage your body. The massage is hailed for getting rid of flaky skin, increasing circulation, detoxifying and improving digestion. It has even been said to help get rid of cellulite.

It is thought of as one of the best methods of exfoliation as the massage unclogs pores in the process. Not only is it an excellent exfoliant but it is incredible at detoxifying and promoting lymphatic drainage (think of all the benefits you can get from using a Gua Sha, yup dry brushing is just as effective!)

How do you use a dry brush?

You can use a dry brush all over your body, all you need is a natural bristle brush.

Start from your feet and ankles and work your way upward in a long, sweeping stroke movement.  For your torso and back it is recommended you use circular motions. Areas such as your breasts and neck can be quite sensitive so lighten the pressure a bit in these areas.

Aim to do this no more than 1-2 times per week and shower immediately after performing the massage, and apply moisturiser, for perfect silky, smooth skin!

Are there any risks involved with dry brushing?

Dry brushing is perfectly safe for the majority. If you have sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema you may want to check with a professional first. These conditions often mean you have open or inflamed skin and dry brushing may cause irritation depending on how bad your condition is. Also if you have any cuts or grazes, avoid dry brushing as it may lead to an infection.

The take-home

Dry brushing is a great way of exfoliating your skin as well as detoxifying and reducing water retention as it promotes lymphatic drainage. All you need is a long natural bristle brush. Hop in the shower once you have completed the massage and moisturise with your go to moisturiser after wards!

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Don’t forget to wash your dry brush every few weeks to help to get of the build-up of dead skin on it!

Say hello to smooth, silky skin for the summer!

Will you be trying the benefits of dry brushing yourself?

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