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The Best Apps To Help You Stay Productive This School Year

The Best Apps To Help You Stay Productive This School Year

Sorcha Kennedy

Although technology can be distracting when trying to study or do homework, there are a lot of helpful uses for technology when trying to stay productive. I know for myself I discovered lots of useful apps last year whilst trying to get back into everything after 4th year. Here are my favourite apps that I think are the best to help you stay productive this school year…


This is my ultimate favourite app for studying. Forest is a timer app that discourages you from using your phone whilst studying or doing homework. You set your timer and you can grow a virtual tree during that time, however, if you leave the app to use your phone during that time your tree dies. You can also collect coins which you can use to get relaxing sounds or new kinds of trees for your virtual forest. I swear by this app and I definitely recommend investing in it!


Quizlet is a great app for studying. You can use pre-made flashcards made by other people, or you can make your own. You can test yourself in lots of different ways as well as just being able to read through your notes. It’s super easy to use and it’s free. Would definitely recommend.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is so good for time blocking and making sure you allow time for everything. I use it to make a study schedule so I know what I’m doing every day when I sit down to study. In the notes of each date, I add what topics I need to cover. I also add in any tests coming up or any projects due soon so I don’t forget.


If you’re like me and can’t study in silence, there are lots of great study playlists available on Spotify. I recommend not listening to catchy music whilst studying because they make it hard to focus, so I listen to movie soundtracks or scores.


If you’re taking a foreign language in school you definitely need Duolingo! It’s a great way to practice your oral skills and the basics of the language. You can practice it from anywhere and it’s just super handy.

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Notes App/ Scanner App

You definitely need a scanner app on your phone for scanning notes. I recommend scanning all your notes just in case they get lost or destroyed (the number of times I’ve spilt tea on my notes is embarrassing). There is a scanner in the notes app on iPhones, or you can get a scanner app like CamScanner.


In order to stay productive, you need to take breaks. During my breaks, I like to do a bit of meditation which ensures I don’t get overwhelmed by everything I have to do. Headspace is great for that and also has a lot of relaxing sounds that you can use whilst studying.
It’s important not to get overwhelmed with work and hopefully, these apps will help you with that.
Which apps do you think are the best to help stay productive in school?

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