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Get That Home Office Feel with These Top Picks

Get That Home Office Feel with These Top Picks

Sophie Coffey

The conclusion of the 2019/2020 academic year involved a great deal more time spent learning and studying from home than any of us could have ever envisaged. This meant that for most of us our bedrooms also became our classrooms.
The aim for the coming academic term is a full (albeit unique) return to school. However, it is likely that we will still be making use of our study facilities at home.
Our workspaces do not need to be “Instagrammable”! But they do need to be functional and with these gorgeous picks you can combine practicality with dreamy aesthetics!

Colourful calendars

Truthfully, regardless of how meticulously we prepared for 2020, even the best laid plans cannot survive a pandemic! With that in mind it is still important to keep track of deadlines and dates throughout the academic year. Most students have a diary or journal of some sort that they carry around with them. However, having an updated and accessible calendar in clear view in your room or workspace can help to prompt you to stay on track.
These reusable calendars are perfect for the task!


Some form of board in clear sight is a fantastic option – particularly for visual leaners. Boards are great ways of prompting your memory or catching your attention. Everyone has a preference but whether you prefer a corkboard, whiteboard or pinboard, each can benefit your learning. For maximum benefit they can be easily changed or updated to suit your requirements.
There is something to suit everyone with these selections!


This list is really getting exciting now! In fact, making sure you have a bin near your workspace is a deceptively simple way of keeping your desk clutter free! To avoid the discouragement generated by a growing pile of crumpled sheets aim to keep your desk free of rubbish as much as possible.
Dunnes Stores have a selection of bins from €5, which are the ideal encouragement to keep your desk clear!

Drawer Organisers

If a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind then an organised workspace must mean an organised student, right? It is not an exact science, but a neat storage system can save you from wasting your valuable time and money, searching for half buried items or replacing mysteriously missing stationery.
For increased productivity and efficiency try the drawer organisers from Ikea.


When checking the time most of us pull instinctively check our phones without a second thought. However, where possible try to avoid any temptation to take out your phone during a homework or study session. Instead keep a clock nearby so that you can keep track of time without falling down a social media black hole!

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Sheet Organisers

Most of us keep track of our stationary in organisers or pencil cases but we often misplace sheets. We are all familiar the frustration of losing an important sheet. To reduce the likelihood of this occurring start the academic year with a storage system.
We all like to store things slightly differently but whether you prefer a; box, folder, inbox tray or magazine holder, there are options to suit everyone!


Depending on where your workspace is located you may find the natural light (or lack of it) is an asset or liability. Squinting at your essays or reports for hours is exhausting and often headache-inducing. Neither of these help with motivation and nor are they conducive to a productive homework or study session.
To get the most out of your hours at the desk then try these cute lamps!

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