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The Best Makeup Setting Sprays For Every Budget

The Best Makeup Setting Sprays For Every Budget

Team Missy

Do you really need a setting spray? Which one is the best makeup setting spray? Are setting sprays just glorified water? Here’s everything that you need to know…

The Hyped One

All the beauty gurus on YouTube seem to rave about the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Kylie Jenner loves this, well she did, until she brought out her own setting spray!

Tatcha isn’t available in Ireland at the moment, only in the US. When I was in New York last year I swore I wouldn’t allow myself to spend $50 on what is effectively water. But guess what? Yeah, I got it. But, in my defence I actually got the mini one as part of a set.

I’m so glad that I didn’t waste my money on a full-size one. The Tatcha setting spray is only ok. It doesn’t make my makeup last longer. It does have a dewy finish to it, but I think it kinda makes you look shiny in a bad way. If you really want to try it, go for it, but it’s just not worth the money in my opinion.

The One Everyone Has

I think everyone and their mother has MAC Prep +Prime Fix +€22.  Again, it’s fine. I don’t think it makes makeup last any longer. I find it handy to spray on my Beauty Blender or to make the pigmentation darker in my eyeshadows sometimes. It’s basically glorified water. I wouldn’t buy it again.

The Budget Friendly One

A great budget friendly setting spray worth trying is the e.l.f. Matte Magic Mist + Set Spray, €6. This is infused with lots of vitamins and is formulated to try help keep shine at bay. I’d definitely take this over the MAC one. And again it’s great to help intensify eyeshadows.

The One You Should Know About

I’m a really big fan of PIXI products. I think that they’re really great and everything I’ve used has given me really great results. The PIXI Glow Mist, €22, wasn’t on my radar but I got it as part of a set with my Holy Grail product, PIXI Glow Tonic, €23.50, and I LOVE it. It smells so nice and it’s just really refreshing. I think it give a smaller “glow” to the Tatcha. Not the exact same, but seen as I wasn’t a big fan of the Tatcha, I would say that this is nicer. The PIXI Glow Mist also has the added bonus of containing 21 natural oils! I like spraying this on my face after my morning routine too.

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The One That’s Truly Amazing

I think you can probably tell from this article that I’ve been underwhelmed by all setting sprays. I really didn’t get the point of them…until I tried Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray, €27.95. OMG it actually makes my makeup last longer! And it just makes my makeup look, really, really good!

I picked up a travel version of it in The Loop duty-free in Dublin Airport a few weeks ago for €12. I’m definitely going to be re-purchasing BUT reviews of the other Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray €27.95, have gone viral and now I think I really need to try that.


I really didn’t get the obsession with setting sprays until I tried the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting SprayBut it actually works and has become one of my holy grail makeup products! It is definitely the best makeup setting spray! I would definitely recommend trying it in the mini travel size first to see if you like it.

What’s the Best Makeup Setting Spray in your opinion? Let me know so I can try them!

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