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The Best Music To Study To

The Best Music To Study To

Ella Morley

Often we’re told to study in a completely quiet environment and that works for some people. Others enjoy music playing in the background when studying. Music can help improve your mood, concentration skills and ability to absorb and memorise information.

If you’re looking for some tunes to play in the background here’s the best music to study to…

Music With No Words

Listening to music with words is very tempting but must be avoided. It is distracting and negatively impacts your study. It is inevitable that you will want to sing along and this will only interrupt your study time. Save singing your heart out to Taylor Swift or your personal rendition of Hamilton for another time. You will be able to do almost twice as much studying without it. So, turn off the top chart hits before you fall into this trap and get those concentration levels back.

Try this playlist.

Background Music

Ever fancied doing your work in the Hogwarts common rooms or library? Well now you can. With a quick search on Google you are sure to find hundreds of Harry Potter inspired study music. Devoted to Disney?  Never fear. Backing tracks of all your favourite Disney songs exist all over the internet. Playlist upon playlist of instrumental music can be found online. Background music will greatly increase your focus and overall improve your study session.

Try this playlist.

Jazz Music

You can’t beat jazz music and even better it provides a solution to your studying woes. Many people regard all jazz as big, loud music, but just search a little deeper. Soft relaxing jazz music playing in the background is the perfect way to add some extra joy to your study session. How can you not love the complimenting instruments and melodies that play throughout? So why not give it ago and search up a playlist on YouTube or Spotify and get cracking.

Try this playlist.

Classical Music

Never doubt the power of classical music, it is truly astounding. Listening to this genre is very beneficial when studying. Classical music enhances and increases the chance of a good night’s sleep as well as gives you a chance to de-stress. Experiment with this while studying will allow you to see if there is any improvement and discover if this is the genre for you. Keep in mind that there are plenty of classical pieces to try from a full orchestral composition to solo violins, flutes, pianos and everything in between.

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Try the Bridgerton soundtrack.

Nature Sounds

Some people work best outside listening to the world around them, but how do you mimic this when it’s so cold and wet that you have to remain indoors? Why music of course. In this way you can travel to tropical rainforests or bask in a cornfield. Simply by searching for nature sounds you can be transported all over the world. Effective study often takes place when listening to this type of music and many students find their intake of information improves.

Try this playlist.

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