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The Different Types of Intelligences

The Different Types of Intelligences

Ella Morley

Often times in school it can be very easy to feel that unless we achieve high marks we are not intelligent.

However school does not measure every type of intelligence out there and it is important to be aware of this. Next time you are feeling low about a grade or test result that you have received, remember that there are multiple types of intelligence. You could in fact be a genius in an another area that school does not measure.

Here are some of the different types of intelligences…


People with a naturalist intelligence have a way with nature. They appreciate the environment and understand its importance. They hone their talents by growing plants and looking after animals. Naturalists are inspired by nature and respect cherish and admire outdoor natural views.  Often they become advocates for environmental issues and enjoy camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Many naturalists go on to become Veterinarians, botanists and even chefs.


Those with spatial intelligence are visual thinkers. These types of people are usually good at and enjoy drawing, painting, photography and reading maps. They have a good perception of direction, distance and measurement. They can often end up finding work in the fashion industry, in architecture and interior design. 


Those with intra-personal intelligence are in touch with their emotions. They are usually introverts and know what they want out of life. Independent and reflective thinking usually suits them best. These people are clear on their goals and motivations and often help others to understand their own. People with intra-personal intelligence often go on to become historians, librarians and psychologists.  


Those with linguistic intelligence have a way with words. They appreciate and enjoy reading, writing and often are talented when it comes to learning a language.  As a result people with linguistic intelligence usually have a rich vocabulary and possess strong communication skills. Therefore they tend to be gifted at public speaking. They often make great teachers, journalists and speech pathologists.


Logical-mathematical intelligence the ability to solve complex equations quite easily. People with this type of intelligence tend to find great meaning in mathematics and science. They use logic and reason in everyday life and trust proven facts. They can be perfectionists in their work and learning as they strive for accuracy and precision. Brainteasers and solving mysteries provide them with great enjoyment. People with logical-mathematical intelligence often find jobs as accountants, scientists or detectives. 


Those with interpersonal intelligence are often gifted when it comes to interaction. They easily make friends and are inclusive of everyone. They thrive working collaboratively and are masters of communication. People with interpersonal intelligence seek to understand and empathise others. Often they can be found reading or helping others. These individuals often explore a career in counselling, social work or public relations.  


This intelligence enables a person ponder the biggest questions in life. They have the ability to undertake the mystery of existence, reflect on abstract theories and formulate ones of their own. Many people with existential intelligence take careers in philosophy, religion and science.

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People with bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are very physically aware. They thrive playing sports and creative movement and are extremely gifted in this area and often enjoy acting and working with their hands. They hugely benefit from remaining active and possess exceptional co-orindination and motor skills. Those gifted with bodily-kinesthetic intelligence often become actors, athletes or even firefighters.


Individuals with musical intelligence are very talented. They are said to have a ‘Good ear’ for music and have a tendency learn songs and other musical pieces quite quickly. They find rhythm easy to follow and can usually tell when something is musically off.  Those with musical intelligence sometimes play an instrument, greatly enjoy concert and generally possess the ability to sing. They are often auditory learners and often find work as singers, record producers or even sound engineers.

Which of the different types of intelligences do you think most aligns with you?

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