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The Power Of Acceptance: How To Accept And Not Resist

The Power Of Acceptance: How To Accept And Not Resist

Róisín Lynch

Life is unpredictable.

You have no control over what is going to happen to you and things can change in an instant. This is both a blessing and a curse. When life throws something hard your way it is easy and normal to be frustrated.

We often try to do whatever it is we can to control the situation and “fix” the problem. However, while you are doing this with your best interests at heart, it can actually be the very thing that is causing you more pain.

Sometimes in life accepting what has happened and finding a way of working through the issue rather than working against it will serve you better in the long run. This is the power of acceptance.

You Don’t Get To Choose The Cards You Are Played But You Do Get To Choose How You Play Them

When we talk about the power of acceptance we don’t mean sit back and do nothing. Instead, accept that this is your reality and allow yourself to feel mad or upset or whatever it is you are feeling. Then try and change your perspective. How can this situation better me?

Will it make me grow as a person? Is it making me a more grateful person? Even the worst situations are serving you.

Think of ways you can use your situation for good or sit down and make a plan up of how you are going to help yourself work through the situation. It is better to do this rather than just deny and refuse to accept the situation is real.

Focus on trying to control your reaction to the situation, rather the situation itself.

Fighting Against Something Can Sometimes Only Make Things Harder

We like to be in control of our own lives, that’s why when something unexpected happens it can difficult to accept. We do everything in our power to not accept something for what it is. This can be a breakup or a family member getting diagnosed with an illness. This however, only worsens the pain. Even though  that is what you are trying to run from in the first place. Accept what has happened and focus on your next move.

Focus on what you can control. While it may be hard in the moment it will make the issue easier to overcome and you will come out stronger. You are going to have to feel the pain whether you run from it or not. A more healthy way of approaching the situation is feeling the pain immediately and then putting your best foot forward.

This is ultimately the power of acceptance.

Life Is Happening For You, Not To You

This might be a hard one to understand at first but it is true. Everything that happens to you in life, the good, the bad and the ugly is only ever shaping you in to a better person or leading you on to better things.

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Think about the time you were so sure that boy or girl was the one for you but for some reason it just wasn’t working and then out of nowhere someone better showed up. Or that audition you spent so long preparing for and didn’t get the part, then two months later you got an even better part.

Life always has a better plan in store.

When you get the better option you will be a stronger person as well because you  had to deal with the pain of not getting what you wanted in the first place. Life is about growth, in order to fully embrace growth we need accept the things that are happening to us that we don’t have control over and do our best.

We hope this advice helps you with whatever it is you are going through in your own life.

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