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Ways To Stay In Touch With Friends When You Are Really Busy

Ways To Stay In Touch With Friends When You Are Really Busy

Róisín Lynch

Now more than ever it’s important to keep in touch with those close to us.

This past 2 years have been tough on everyone for a whole host of reasons and it’s fair to say that the majority of us have felt the consequences mentally, even if it might appear like everything’s fine.

Although life is tarting to settle down, COVID just seems to loom over everything and finding time in general to see friends can be challenging. While you may not be able to meet up in person all the time making the time to contact someone could mean so much more to that person than you may realise. However, this is not always easy and with homework and work demands it can be easy to let contact with friends and family slide – and that’s perfectly ok, we are only humans after all!

Most of us don’t have the time to make hour long phone calls to all our friends every night so here are a few ways you can stay in touch with friends and family when you are really busy:

Text instead of call

When you have a mountain of homework to get through calling a friend may be last on the list even if you really want to! A simple text or snap chat to check in is all you need to do. It’s enough to make the person feel cared about and will probably lift your spirits too, as having a conversation about something that isn’t school or homework related can only benefit you and help you out if you are feeling stressed.

Try to exercise together

If you are tight on time why not kill two birds with one stone and find an online exercise class or do a zoom workout together? This one will get the good endorphins going and will make you feel a little more normal as you will feel like your friend is there with you. And when restrictions are lifted a little you may be able to meet up with a friend for a socially distanced run or walk. Perfect for when you are tight on time and feeling a bit burdened with work load.

Set a time each week to call

Take the pressure off by setting a time to have a quick Facetime or call each week. This takes away the daily guilt of knowing you have to make time to call that certain friend. It also gives you something to look forward to during the week – knowing that you will be able to chat and catch up with your friend at that time every week. And if your work load gets a little much you can always use that time to send them a few quick texts instead.

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Group call

Don’t feel as though you have to make ten different calls to ten different people throughout the week. Nobody has time for that, so an easier option might be to do a Zoom call, you can get creative and host quizzes or find some games you can play -it will also make you feel like you are hanging out with your friends just like normal times, and we all need a little taster of normality to get us through this weird time!

Have you any suggestions on ways to stay in touch with friends?

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