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We Need To Stop Wanting More

We Need To Stop Wanting More

Team Missy

Now the title is a little misleading, so stay with me.

I’m all for reaching for the stars, pushing yourself and wanting more out of life. What I’m against is this obsession with constantly obtaining more materialist things. And I am the number one culprit of it.

Keeping Up With The Influencers

I swear that we’re going to leave “Influencers” alone for a while now before we have a restraining order against us. But I guess “Influencers” are just indicative of the times. The whole “Influencer” marketing strategy really took off because we are conditioned to want what others have. At least I am.

It’s like yeah we know Kim Kardashian has a boat load of money, so we know we can’t exactly Keep Up With The Kardashians. But what about that blogger who has that Gucci bag, and all that makeup and that new phone and that belt? Just stop. No, really. We need to stop trying to keep up with these people. There’s also the pressure that we put on ourselves to keep up with friends.

The fear of not having certain a product. Not feeling like you’re ever happy with what you have. You are enough. That Gucci Belt, Daniel Wellington watch or Huda Palette isn’t going to make you feel better. It’s not going to improve your life. It’s nice to have treats. In fact do treat yourself. But this obsession with consumerism has to end. And the mentality of needing something because someone has it.


New. New. New

Take the iPhone for example. Is there ever anything really new about them except for some techie features that we just don’t understand? And yet people go crazy to get the latest release. And when you switch the phone on its in no way different to your old phone because all your settings just automatically transfer over. There’s no excitement in getting a new phone anymore. It’s all about being able to say that you have the latest one.

The same goes with makeup. Yes you already have a red lipstick, but that shade is definitely different. I’m completely guilty of this. But I started to notice a really bad pattern with myself. I would tell myself “Oh I’ll do this once I have that”. I need to get pictures taken for my Editor’s Letter and I keep putting it off because I want to have a certain lipstick or a particular top. It’s stupid and sad. I started to realise that I need to stop putting things off and live in the now. And most importantly be happy with what I have.


It’s Not You, It’s Me

I have the worst habit of ordering something from ASOS and not wearing it. It’s ridiculous. For all the things I’ve been “influenced” into buying I would definitely have a Chanel bag. And that realisation is so depressing.

Again I’m all for treating yourself. In fact my friends would probably tell you that I’m the queen of it. I strongly feel that you should reward yourself. But there’s a fine line between getting something because you love it and buying something because you feel that you need it to meet some sort of standard or expectation. Either internally or by someone elses influence.

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The problem is that most of us equate new things with being the answer to our problems. That new iPhone will benefit my work. That new lipstick will make me prettier. They won’t. We need to stop trying to keep up and be the same as everyone else. We need to stop wanting more and be happy with what we have.


Turing Over A New Leaf

We should be thankful for what we have instead of constantly wanting more and newer and better. Not to be preaching, but that’s what I have decided to focus on. I’ve started to ask myself do I really need something before I buy it. I’ve told myself that I’m not allowed to buy anymore makeup or skin care products until I use up what I have. I also “went shopping” in my own wardrobe and found a ton of things that I had never worn before. So far it has saved me so much money. And I’ve started to really appreciate what I have instead of always tormenting myself about the things that I don’t have.

Create the life that you want. Material things are nice, but experiences are better.

I don’t know, am I alone in my obsession with always wanting more? As always I love to hear from you.

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