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10 Questions With…Lauren Whelan

10 Questions With…Lauren Whelan

Veronica Murphy

For this week’s guest on 10 Questions With, we just had to catch up with one of Ireland’s biggest influencers at the minute.

Carlow’s very own Lauren Whelan is known as the queen of TikTok, boasting an impressive 1.7 million (yes, million) followers. Since downloading TikTok when she was a Transition Year student at school, Lauren has amassed a growing fanbase through her GRWM’s, Day in the Life’s, and relatable, chatty, sit-down videos that make us all feel like we’re hanging out with our bestie. The powers of social media have taken her to new heights that has seen her work with some huge brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and The Ordinary.


We caught up with her to ask her this weeks 10 questions…

1. What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Check my journal and fill out my schedule for the day! I use my The Head Plan journal every morning and it’s helped me to be mindful and keep on track!

2. What is your favourite thing to do on your day off?

Go for a coffee and visit my granny! I bring my granny a coffee at least once a week and we just sit down and chat, sometimes I bring my dog down to visit her too.

3. TikTok or Instagram?

TikTok – I just find it’s so much more chill and real. I always think that Instagram is your public story and TikTok is like your private story.

4. Last book you read?

Why Men Love B*tches! Very, very, very, insightful…

5. What destination is on your bucket list?

Croatia. It looks beautiful and I’ve had a few friends visit there and say it was stunning.

6. Last series you binge-watched?

I Am A Stalker on Netflix. I love anything thriller/ true crime!

7. Something you want to achieve in 2024?

My mam isn’t going to like this one but move out. I just think it’s time for me to truly have my independence.

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8. Quote/advice you live by?

Nobody above you will ever hate on you! I always say you don’t see Beyoncé criticising any up-and-coming artists, do you? If you’re getting hate, just know it’s always from someone insecure and jealous!

9. Biggest ick/pet peeve?

When people walking in front of you just stop dead in their tracks with no regard for the people behind them.

10. Best thing about your job?

It allows me to work on my own time and be creative. I have my own schedule, and I can work from anywhere in the world!

Don’t forget to check back next week to see who we will be asking our 10 questions to, and let us know in the comments who you want to see next, and what you want to know!

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