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20 Habits Of Successful People

20 Habits Of Successful People

Team Missy

Success means something different to everyone. But we all know someone who you would deem successful and therefore enviable. They always seem to be doing everything right, are so organised and generally have their lives together. Here are some habits of successful people who you can steal to make your life more productive, stress-free and successful…

20 Habits Of Successful People

  1. Have a routine.
  2. Wake up early – no tuning turning on snooze.
  3. Make your bed in the morning and spend  10 minutes a day tidying your room that way it will stay tidier for longer and does not take as long to clean.
  4. Work out. Sadly for some of us there are lots of links between those who take the time to work out and success. Whether it’s joining a class or going for a walk in the evenings make time for it.
  5. Get inspired-make an inspiration board, read a motivational book like Leave Your Mark
  6. Set goals daily, weekly, yearly – something you’re working towards.
  7. Simplify your closet-be minimalist  and declutter. Have a read of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever for some motivation.
  8. Dress for the part you want.
  9. Get a work zone.
  10. Put a do not disturb on your phone when your working or studying.
  11. Always carry water.
  12. Organise your email with colour codes and keep your phone organised with folders and deleting things you don’t need (like those tones of screen grabs!) regularly.
  13. Planning and pack your bag ahead makes mornings easier and less stressful.
  14. Have some “me” time. Start a journal or a devotion book. Or just chill out by having a bath and take time away from social media.
  15. Visualise why you’re doing something. Having clarity on why you’re doing what you’re doing now to help keep you motivated. Know why you’re doing what you’re doing know why you’re putting in the work.
  16. Have priorities-know what you need to do first. Netflix and chill can wait.
  17. Have self decline.
  18. Write your tasks and goals down, like study for exam then beside that put your gaol like get straight A’s to get into college. When you see that end goal and you will be go much more motivated to complete the task at hand.
  19. Believe in yourself. No need to grow a head too big to get through a door, but have confidence in yourself or no one else will.
  20. Schedule your day. Plan out your day so you’re not left wasting time.

If that doesn’t  inspire you to kick yourself into gear, we don’t know what will.

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