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25 Things Under €25 To Add To Your Wardrobe RN

25 Things Under €25 To Add To Your Wardrobe RN

Team Missy

You don’t need us to tell you that this is officially the strangest summer on record. Instead of dealing with the L.C, heading off to the Gaeltacht and packing for summer holidays, we’re waiting to be given the go-ahead to hug our extended family and friends. Summer isn’t cancelled, but it’s going to be different.
It’s strange to think back on it now, but we were still in winter coats back in March when Lockdown was first announced. With everything going on in the world and shops closed it’s weird to suddenly find ourselves out of pyjamas and having to find summer appropriate clothes.
We are painfully aware that money is an issue for everyone right now, which is why we wanted to put together a little guide on some summer bits to add to your wardrobe now, that 1. wont break the bank and 2. are things that you can wear when we transition into autumn/winter 2020 and hopefully the super exciting summer of ’21.
Basics such as t-shirts and denim never go out of style. And a trusty floral dress is always a must in any wardrobe. This mini poplin smock dress is v cute and will look great with trainers for dressed up with heels.
Here’s some more of our top 25 fashion picks under €25 to give you some inspo for classic pieces to add to your wardrobe for summer…

25 Things Under €25

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