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5 Fun New Hobbies

5 Fun New Hobbies

Team Missy

Fun New HobbiesA hobby we hear you say, I don’t have the time. That’s probably true, in-fact the word hobby is probably not even a word in your vocabulary due to the million other things you have on your plate with school. So here’s the definition for you… Hobby noun – an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.

As hard as it may be to squeeze in a new hobby it can be incredibly rewarding. Not only is it’s great for de-stressing the sense of achievement that comes from pursuing a hobby is really wonderful. Continuing on from our commitment to making some changes now we though we’d look at some hobbies. Outside of the usual sporting activities we thought we would give you an idea about 5 fun new hobbies that would be well worth your time…

Aerial Yoga

This really takes yoga to the next level. Forget about yoga on a boring old mat, this involves being suspended in air on a silk hammock. Most places doing aerial yoga classes cater to all levels so it really is just a matter of setting yourself to your first class.  This form of yoga really works your core and helps muscles. It’s also great to help with posture especially if you’re chained to a desk on a daily basis. Not to mention it sounds like so much fun.


Don’t be alarmed. No-one is asking you to become the next Katie Taylor, but boxing classes are great to get fit, try something new and work out some stress. You don’t even have to ever step into a ring if you don’t want to. You can just learn the ropes (literally!) and punch that aggression out. Check out your local gym or boxing club to see what type of classes they offer. Also if you’re in college have a look an see if your university has a boxing club.

Barre Class

Ever fancied being a ballerina? Well, now you can with a bit of pilates thrown in too. Ballet barre infuses yoga, pilates and ballet that will tone and strengthen your body. There are a number of classes run thought the country so check locally. Or try some of these videos on Youtube.


Colouring may have been something that occupied us as young children, but adult colouring has become all the rage in recent years. It’s very relaxing for the mind and has been linked with helping with anxiety and mental health. There really is something for everyone out there from the complex Secret Garden, to Harry Potter Colouring Books. We also recommend investing in some nice colours.

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If colouring isn’t your jam and you’re looking for something a little more creative an challenging why not try calligraphy? Everyone wants to have nice handwriting so even if you want to become a dab hand at addressing envelopes it’s sure to hep you add a bit of flair to your normal everyday writing. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube as well as books such as Nib + Ink. Or give Le Grá Lettering​ a follow on Instagram for some inspiration from journalist Aisling

Have you any hobbies? Let us know below!

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