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5 Iconic School Uniform Moments in Pop Culture

5 Iconic School Uniform Moments in Pop Culture

Neasa Murphy

Back to School means back to uniforms, which let’s be honest, triggers mixed emotions for most. We can’t deny the convenience of uniforms. When you’re dragging yourself out of bed at 7am, trying not to dwell on the sound of the rain you know is going drench you the minute you step outside, begging your own mind for motivation to get dressed, the last thing you want to do is think about your outfit. That said, uniforms can also feel restrictive and boring- until these ladies came along. We know our Irish weather (and schools) would never allow a uniform to look this good, but hey, we can dream.
Here are five times the school uniforms made an iconic appearance in pop culture, just for fun.

Iconic School Uniform Moments

Britney Spears in her Baby One
More Time video

We couldn’t start this uniform party without Britney. Was this the first time a school uniform ever looked cool? It’s certainly the most iconic. Being an icon herself, Britney has given us many memorable looks since the school-uniform-made-cool in Baby One More Time, but this one will forever be etched in our brains. We love you Britney!

Emma Roberts as Poppy Moore in Wild

Wild child Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) getting carted off to boarding school in England was one of the last great moments of the 2000s; an innocent, pink, and fluffy time in pop culture that we’ll never forget. Poppy eventually accepted her boring school uniform fate in England, but before she did, she gave us a high-waisted, way more flattering version that she topped off with heels and knew she would never get away with! We can relate Poppy, we can relate…

Cher and Dionne in Clueless

So, strictly speaking, this one is not a school uniform, but you wish it was, right? Cher and Dionne’s use of checked patterns, pleated skirts and socks has honestly never been bested. Like seriously, where were these designers when our uniforms were being made? Cher and Dionne’s style has all the makings of a uniform, it’s just better!

Rory Gilmore in The Gilmore Girls

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Apart from the uniforms in Derry Girls, Rory’s Chilton uniform is perhaps the only realistic uniform we’ve seen in a popular TV show. Poor Rory is not blessed with the creative freedom of Britney, or Cher, but she is a far more relatable uniform-wearer, in all fairness. Anyway, Tristan, Dean, and Jess are all obsessed with her regardless, so she’s pulling it off. An inspiration to us all, that’s what she is.

Blair, Serena, and the mean girls in
Gossip Girl

Much like Britney, the characters of Gossip Girl are a no-brainer, iconic representation of the school uniform. The best thing about the Constance Billard uniform is that everyone seems to be allowed to interpret it however they want.
Blair’s uniform is always mean girl chic, with a high-waist, high neckline, and of course, her headband. Meanwhile, Serena seems to always wear a completely different shirt to Blair, and a loose tie, more fitting for her wild child vibe and bouncy golden locks. The mean girls always seem to wear different coloured tights, and Jenny rocks up in season 3 with half a palette of black eye shadow on. There were clearly no makeup fines or uniform checks in Constance Billard- but we’re not complaining, we’re just jealous.
Can you think of anymore iconic school uniform moments?

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