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5 of The Best Surprise Guests on The Late Late Toy Show!

5 of The Best Surprise Guests on The Late Late Toy Show!

Sophie Coffey

Nothing heralds the start of Christmas in Ireland quite like RTÉ‘s The Late Late Toy Show! We love the annual cosy night in to watch the show and get into the spirit of the season. Filled with festivity, fun and some adorable kids, the toy show is the epitome of heart-warming. Like with everything this year there will be some notable changes to the format, but the enchanting spirit of the special will remain.

To get you in that magical mood, here are five wonderful moments where children received amazing surprises live on the show.

Scott and Grace meet sporting legends

“I wanted to save her life”

Absolute hero Scott who donated bone marrow to his little cousin Grace gets a few surprises.#LateLateToyShow

— RTÉ One (@RTEOne) November 30, 2018

In 2018 viewers were reduced to tears by the touching story of cousins Scott and Grace. In 2017 Scott donated his bone marrow to Grace who was battling Leukaemia at the time. The cousins joined Ryan to discuss Scott’s brave actions but there was also a surprise in store for the young hero. As an avid rugby fan Scott was thrilled when surprise guests Rob Kearney, Sean O’Brien and Tadhg Furlong appeared with some gifts for the family. The tissues are definitely needed for this one!

Ed Sheeran surprising (and singing with) Aimee

It’s not just Irish stars that make surprise appearances to the Toy Show! In 2014 Ed Sheeran surprised an elated Aimee Keogh who was thrilled to have the chance to perform with the singer. As well as the impromptu performance, Aimee also received a number of gifts including tickets to an Ed Sheeran concert!

Domhnall surprised by his idol Robbie Keane

Two popular similes often used in description are “like a child at Christmas” and “like a child let loose in a toy shop!”. For 2013 toy tester Domhnall The Toy Show was the greatest combination of these. And to really top off the experience he was practically speechless with amazement when his hero Robbie Keane joined him onstage!

Evan overjoyed by Jamie Heaslip

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For another rugby surprise Evan could not believe his luck (or his eyes) when sporting legend Jamie Heaslip joined him onstage in 2016.  Already sporting an Irish jersey Evan was thrilled to receive one of his idol’s very own signed jerseys!

The greatest gift of them all for Sergeant’s children

Celebrities are great for providing some fantastic fan reveals, but our favourite Toy Show surprise was the 2017 reunion. Adam and Kayla were under the impression that their Dad was in Mali, Africa as part of his peacekeeping duties. Much to their astonishment Sergeant Graham Burke had actually returned home after six months to be with his thrilled family. Cue an adorable reunion that resulted in tears all around!

Who do you think were the best guests on The Late Late Toy Show?

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