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25 Things To Do This Christmas

  1. Watch Christmas films all morning, in cosy, festive pyjamas.
  2. Treat yourself to some Christmas pyjamas! We have our eyes these ones.
  3. Watch your favourite Christmas movie.
  4. Eat chocolate for breakfast.
  5. Give. Christmas is a time for giving and even if it’s only €1 that you have to spare it all adds up. Try donate locally or to SVP or Dogs Trust, which is where our donation went this year.
  6. Bake something yummy! We love this Malteser Cake!
  7. Turn the phone off. Being bombarded with highly staged “Christmas Goals” photos and humble-bragging is so draining for your mental health. This year we’re turing our phones off to live in the moment, and we think you should do the same!
  8. Mind yourself. Christmas can be a difficult time for lots of reasons. We shared a list of helplines on Instagram. It’s not weak to need to talk.
  9. Read A Christmas Carol or another festive book!
  10. Make some proper hot chocolate.
  11. Eat a whole tin of Roses/Celebrations or Quality Street.
  12. Don’t feel guilty for anything. Not for not going out, not for eating that little be extra…you do you and feel no shame in any of it.
  13. Give yourself a festive manicure.
  14. Be thankful for what you have. It’s easy to let the green-eyed monster creep in, but be thankful for what you have and those around you.
  15. Blast Christmas songs non-stop!
  16. Make time for those who you don’t always get time to see. Life is hectic and the beauty of Christmas is that things really slow down. So, try take the time to squeeze in that visit to your great-aunt or your elderly neighbour, they’ll be only delighted to spend some time with you.
  17. Treat yourself to something nice. Merry Christmas To Me, From Me! 
  18. Watch the whole Harry Potter series on RTE, because isn’t even Christmas if you don’t?
  19. Keep an eye out for early sales.
  20. Rock a red lip, Nars Cruella is our fave!
  21. Binge-watch a boxset. We recommend Jane The Virgin for serious OMG and LOLs!
  22. Take proper photos, not just ones for the ‘gram. If you have an Instax dig that out and document your time, you’ll be really glad someday.
  23. Bundle up in layers and go for a walk on a crisp wintry day.
  24. Have a little DIY pamper session at home.
  25. Relax. Try to take a some time for yourself, unwind and indulge a little!

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!

Team Missy


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How To Handle Grief At Christmas Time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For most people. For some it is a time of sorrow and hardships. If you’re dealing with grief, whether it’s new or old, the holidays can be really difficult.

Remember just because everyone else is happy doesn’t mean you have to be. It can be daunting while everyone around you is happy and merry to handle grief at Christmas time, so here are a few pointers.

1. Plan

You don’t need to plan to the second, but I find when you have a schedule and know what you are doing, it can help a little. You can prepare yourself for events rather than have them sprung on you unexpectedly. This way you can give yourself some breathing room.

2. Don’t force yourself 

It doesn’t matter if it is Christmas or that whats-her-face from the office will be devasted if you don’t show to the party; you don’t have to attend everything. Don’t push yourself too soon to show up at social events, especially during a time of grief. There is always next Christmas where whats-her-face will be able to burn your ear off.

3. Watch the bubbles 

If you do end up going to parties mind the amount of fancy champagne you have. Sometimes you don’t realise the feelings you have managed to bottle are still there, and all thy need are a few fancy bubbles to come up again. Just watch yourself with the drink, just so you don’t have a breakdown and have the fear in the morning. Here are some tips to stay safe on a night out.

4. Don’t fake it 

Don’t plaster a fake smile on for your teacher, your boss or your friends or even your family. Even if you think you are being strong, there is no need to cover pain. Remember a problem shared, is a problem halved. And chances are the people you talk to will feel much more empathic towards your feelings this time of year than any other.

5. Give yourself time

Whether it’s a step outside or a whole day in bed with bad movies and an abundance of ice-cream, give yourself the time you need to heal. Remember there is always next year, or even the year after that, where you will be a lot more capable of handling these things with company.

6. Enjoy the Christmas spirit

While it may be difficult, chances are the person who you will miss this Christmas would want you to enjoy it. Don’t dwell too long on things you can’t change or regrets. Try to find a balance between enjoyment and sadness. Always remember it’s okay to be sad, but Christmas can be the most warming loving time of year. Channel that energy and enjoy the joys.

7. Lastly find the balance

For some, Christmas can help with grief, for others it can be a burden on handling grief. Try to find your own middle ground between the joys of Christmas time and your own healing. Just remember to allow yourself to feel all the emotions whether happy or sad, grief or joy. They can all help to deal with grief.

Have you any tips or guidance for dealing with grief at Christmas time.

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Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

Half the fun of Christmas shopping is trying to find interesting stocking fillers. We have lots of different options to suit all budgets.

The idea of receiving a sponge for Christmas may sound Grinch-like, but to any makeup lover the idea of opening up a brand new Beauty Blender sounds like heaven. We love the Sweet Surprise from Beauty Blender. It includes one Beauty Blender in a surprise colour and a soap bar to wash. So cute!!

Benefit do stocking fillers like no other. Their mini Hoola is such a lovely gift to get.

Another one for makeup lovers is the incredible Shimmering Heights Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set from Stila. You could separate these up to fill three stockings!

Here are some other great ideas and remember when in doubt, go for chocolate!

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Gift Guide: What To Buy The Fashionista In Your Life

Fashionistas can be a bit of a head scratch when it comes to Christmas gifts! Especially if you are on a budget. We’ve put together a gift guide for those of you who have have a fashion lover in your life. Check out these cute gifts that are sure to bring a smile to any fashion loving friend! There’s something for everyone, and nothing that will break the bank!

Fashion Forward Gift Guide

Pom pom hats have been on the fashion scene for years now, and they’re not going anywhere. This super cute double pom pom is both fashionable AND practical. What’s not to love? A cosy scarf like this Boohoo mustard one is also a cute and practical gift this Christmas. After something suitable for indoor fashion? This dressing gown is fab!



Someone with a real passion for fashion needs “The New Fashion Rules” in their life! Written by influencer InTheFrow, it’s a great gift for any fashionista! Got a fashionista who loves to accessorise? This cute belt, card purse, and layered necklace set are perfect!



What are you buying the fashionista in your life? 

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Gift Guide: For Your BFF

Sorry, but how is Christmas SO close? It feels like we just hit fast forward after Halloween!

Anyway, it’s here. And if you’re anything like us you’re now panicking about what to buy. But fear not, is here to help. First up in our gift guide series is some ideas for your Bestie.

You know that we are huge fans of wet n wild here at, so we were very excited by their Christmas set offers.

Another great option is the super cute minis from Benefit! Not only do you get one of Benefit’s bestselling products to try out, you also get to hang it on your tree like a decoration.

If your BFF is a fashion gal she would love “The New Fashion Rules” by the uh-mazing In The Frow.

And if you feel like going all out we love love love Missoma.

Check out some more ideas for your bestie’s gift below!

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How To Save Money At Christmas Time

How To Save Money At Christmas TimeChristmas is a wonderful time of year, except when you are a broke student who can’t afford anything. But don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to save money while still being able to treat those you love and of course yourself. 

1.Get A Job

Christmas is a stressful time for those who work in retail. So, just about every retail shop need extra help around the time of joy. Many places will actually take you without much experience too. Do a round of CV dropping in big shopping centres like Jervis or Liffey Valley, chances are somewhere will hire you. Read our tips on how to get a job.

2. Use That Student Discount

People know that it isn’t easy for us to earn a lot while we study, so there will be massive student discounts on nearly everywhere. so, be on the lookout. Always ask when buying something if they have a student discount because in the long run it will save you billions. Find out about the best student discounts.

3. Presents Don’t Always Have To Be Something Physical

You can offer to do a free babysitting gig for your younger siblings, or even for your cousins as a present. It doesn’t sound like much but to them it means they can have a night out without worry. For neighbours you can walk their dogs or help with odd jobs. Not something you can hold in your hand, but still very valuable and thoughtful. 

4. Get Budget Friendly Presents

I’m not saying be a cheap-skate and get people second-hand sheets, but Penneys and McCauley’s do great Christmas time presents, usually sets of soaps or mugs with hot chocolate in them. They are small, meaningful and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

5. Days Out Are Presents 

For friends and family, days out with you can be like presents. Promise them that you will go out for a movie or for some food sometime in a card. It doesn’t cost you the world and it also gives you some wiggle room to get some extra cash before this day out happens. 

6. Grandparents Love Homemade Things

You don’t have to be Michelangelo to make a nice card for your granny or granddad. They love it because it came from your heart and you love it because it didn’t end up costing anything. 

7. Never Underestimate The Power of The Sales

A little tip, once Christmas is over the whole world seems to go into crazy sale mode. January is the best time to get some small presents that are cheap as hell and put them away in the attic until next year. It may seem strange, but believe me if you want to save money this is a great way to go about it. 

Have you any tips to save money at Christmas time?

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How To Give Back This Christmas

Christmastime is arguably the “most wonderful time of the year”, but for some it can be a real struggle. So this Christmas why not team up with a sibling, parent, friend or your classmates and devise a plan to give back this Christmas?

We at Missy are big believers in giving back, and have some suggestions when it comes to how you too can give back this Christmas!

ICHH – Fill A LUAS Event

How To Give Back This Christmastime

Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) was established in 2013 and works with the homeless community in Dublin’s inner city. Their LUAS event involves filling up a LUAS with shoeboxes filled with items the homeless community may find useful throughout the Winter months. This includes:

  • Thermal wear
  • hat
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • socks
  • torch
  • sweets/biscuits
  • Christmas card

If you’re not in Dublin, or can’t make it up to donate a box by the 6th of December, check with your local homeless charity to see if they have an event like the ICHH’s. If not, perhaps get together with your school or college and start your own!

Donate To Women’s Aid & Women’s Refuges

How To Give Back This Christmastime

Contact your local Women’s refuge or Women’s Aid and ask if there is anything you can donate over the festive period. Women’s refuges often put up notices asking for donations for sanitary towels, hygiene products, nappies, baby wipes etc. Around Christmas time they may appreciate a donation of toys for children staying in their facilities over the festive period.

Temple Street’s Toy Appeal 2018

How To Give Back This Christmastime

Temple Street hold a Toy Appeal to give Santa a little help every year in ensuring all the children in the care of Temple Street get a nice present to open on Christmas Day! You can find Santa’s list here to see what you can donate this Christmas!

Pet Connection – Cats & Dogs Shoebox Appeal

How To Give Back This Christmastime

We can’t forget our furry friends this Christmas, Pet Connection and Dogs In Distress have launched a shoebox appeal. This involves purchasing a ready-made shoebox online, which will be donated on your behalf to an animal shelter.

Are there any other ways to give back this Christmas? If you have any ideas let us know in the comments below and we can share them.

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25 Things To Do Over Christmas

Watch Christmas films all morning, in cosy, festive pyjamas. We love this cute set

2. Treat yourself to a little something, Merry Christmas To Me, From Me! (The HUDA BEAUTY Warm Brown Obsessions Palette was our pick!)

3. Pick up that Christmas jumper that you’ve had your eye on (we love this one) or keep an eye out for a steal in the sales!

4. And roast dinners, with rosemary roast potatoes and all the dessert!

5. Paint your nails with a festive glittery pick like Rimmel Glitter High Coverage Nail Polish.

6. Start a new book, opt for a festive, easy read like Tom From McFly’s The Christmasaurus (which has rave reviews even though it’s a childrens book!) or clothbound classic like A Christmas Carol for something a little more traditional!

7.  Eat advent chocolate for breakfast.

8. Melt into a long, Christmas Lush bath, the The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar is a festive red and green candy sweet scented treat!

9. Listen to Christmas FM whilst making paper snowflakes,

10. like these Harry Potter Snowflakes, they’re definitely worth an attempt!

11. Wrap presents and embellish with bells, bows or try to DIY your own wrapping paper, follow Carrie’s amazing guide here!

12. Snap up any last minute gifts, here’s our gift guides if you’re looking for a little last minute inspiration! Get any last minute Christmas presents. We recommend wrapping up a couple of big bars of chocolate and put them under the tree for any surprise visitors.

13. Give. Focus Ireland or St Vincent De Paul are both great charities to donate to right now.

15. Pick up a copy of the The RTE Guide and circle the best TV picks over Christmas.

16. Invest in some more fairylights, Winter is the ideal time to light up your home! These Galaxy Clips Fairy Lights are beautiful, ideal for stringing up around the bedroom!

17. Make festive popcorn – drizzle melted white chocolate over popcorn, sprinkle red and green sugar strands over and add a dash of ground ginger/cinnamon. Then have a Christmas film marathon!

18. Make a festive star pie.

19. Bake gingerbread men to dunk, nibble or gift. This recipe is delicious!

20. Eat Quality Street whilst watching Elf.

21. Pick up a new tree ornament.

23. Bundle up in layers and go for a walk on a crisp wintry, sunny day to top up on vitamin d.

22. Pull out all of the glittery, sparkly, shimmery Christmassy make up to wear. We had some Festive Suggestions!

24. Rock a red lip, Nars Cruella is our fave!

25. Relax. Christmas is a time to unwind, eat good food, visit family and indulge a little!
What are your plans over the festive period?
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A Gift Guide – Awesome Irish Brands

A Gift Guide - Awesome Irish Brands

We’ve saved the best gift guide until last! It’s so important to show support to Irish businesses throughout the year, but especially at Christmas. We think it’s so much better to get something super special from some of the insanely awesome Irish brands out there. Here is a small selection of our favourites…


If you’re looking for something really special Chupi has a stunning collection to suit a lot of different budgets. Our editor Dani has the North Star Necklace and adores it. The Initial Gold Necklaces are so darling and would be a beautiful and special gift for your sister or bestie. Each piece of jewellery is made here in Ireland and is inspired by imperfect natural beauty. There’s free worldwide shipping on all pieces purchased from and everything comes in the most beautiful packaging you have ever seen.


Gilly And Rob

If you’re shopping for someone with a wicked sense of humour you need to check out Gilly and Rob. They have a hilarious collection of Christmas cards like Rissoles roasting on an open fire (it’s a Wexford thing!) or a simple Happy Christmas Hun, but they also make sweatshirts and t-shirts that are going to be loved by Game of Thrones fans. You can shop Gilly and Rob‘s full collection on their website, but they are also in some selected shops Nationwide like the The Book Centre.


If you’re shopping for someone who is into their health or hoping to make changes come January íon have a lovely selection of tonics that come beautifully presented. Ion produce small batches of completely natural tonics that helps boost your health, nourishes organs and prevents illnesses from developing. You can purchase Íon directly from their website with free shipping.


My Shinning Armour

My Shining Armour is an online accessories store based in Kilkenny and draws its name from founder Nicki’s ethos to be your own hero. My Shinning Armour is your one-stop-shop for all things glitz. Our top pick is the stunning Velvet Hero Handbag from My Shining Armour’s own bag collection. They also carry and Kate Spade. We’ve asked Santa for the much-needed “I’m Very Busy” Power Bank because why can no phone hold a battery?!?! Anyway moving on, we also adore their vast selection of earrings and necklaces. We think the Arrow Necklace is the perfect can’t go wrong for anyone gift or a piece from the Helen Moore Faux Fur Collection would surely be loved by every mammy or granny in the nation. Be quick though you must order before the 20th of December to mare sure it arrives before Christmas!

Dusty Boy

Another of our favourite Irish brands is Dusty Boy. They just have the dreamiest prints and stationary. They also produced a special design for the December Glossy Box! We chose this Wild Precious Life Print for ourselves but we also have our eye on their beautiful notebooks. Dusty Boy have teamed up with Angela Scanlon to make a special Thank You, Thank You print in aid of Focus Ireland. 100% of the profits will go to Focus Ireland. So, if you’re wanting to show your appreciation to someone in your life while also doing something great this is the gift for you. This would also be the perfect treat to yourself!


Any other Irish Companies that you love? Let us know in the comments below!

Take a look at our other gift guides.

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A Gift Guide – Stocking Fillers Under €30

Stocking Fillers Under €30

Stocking Fillers Under €30

Next up in our Gift Guide series is probably the hardest one to put together, Stocking Fillers. We decided to challenge ourselves to keep everything Under €30 because that’s almost half the fun of Christmas Stockings, putting something small and delightful in them.

Although it’s starting to get a bit late for ordering from the US you would be probably loved forever if you scored a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit. But if that’s putting you under pressure for time the NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Creams do the exact same job. We love the Copenhagen and San Juan shades.

Keeping with the makeup Real Techniques brushes are always going to be a hit. As are other little makeup bits such as false lashes and nail polishes. We love Sosu by SJ Katie False Eyelashes and Essie Nail Polishes.

Chocolate is always a great little gift because Christmas morning feels like the only time in the year where its acceptable to break out the sweets before 12pm. Aldi are doing some great selections of chocolates and sweet treats this holiday season. We think we will personally need lots of their Chocolate Reindeers!

Take a look at some other ideas below!


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24 Christmas Jumpers To Get You In The Festive Mood

24 Christmas Jumpers To Get You In The Festive Mood

24 Christmas Jumpers To Get You In The Festive Mood…