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5 Reasons To Listen To The I’m Grand Mam Podcast Right Now

5 Reasons To Listen To The I’m Grand Mam Podcast Right Now

Neasa Murphy

What do you say when your mum knows you’re upset but you’re not quite up to talking? Or when you’re away on a mad adventure and you don’t want her to worry? Or when you’ve just come home from a long day at work or school, and she can see you need a cup of tea? “I’m grand Mam”. It’s a reassurance, it’s Irishness at its best, and it’s the title of an addictive podcast everyone is talking about – I’m Grand Mam.
The hosts of I’m Grand Mam, Kevin Twomey and PJ Kirby, are two quick-witted Cork lads who live in London, and who’ve been the focus of much attention lately. They’ve been interviewed on and mentioned in the Daily Mail – they’ve even interviewed star of Normal People, and “hottest ticket in town”, Paul Mescal. It’s safe to say that Kevin and PJ’s recent success is well deserved.
I’m Grand Mam is everything a podcast should be- funny, engaging, and chill, much like a chat with your best friend. Haven’t heard it yet? Here are 5 reasons you should give it a listen.

1. We Love A Dance A Party

Positive vibes are guaranteed when you tune in to I’m Grand Mam and the party truly begins when the lads introduce the theme of the week, with a carefully chosen song. Whether it’s Father’s Day and they’re bopping to Papa Don’t Preach, or they’re chatting about self-love and singing along with Lizzo, you won’t be able to resist joining in. You may even find yourself shopping for an Echo Dot on Amazon, so that you can shout, “Alexa, play Soulmate, by Lizzo”, just like Kevin and PJ.

2. The Lads Are Hilarious

This one speaks for itself. Kevin and PJ’s Cork-style banter is top notch and the jokes come at you non-stop, from beginning to end, in every episode. The lads clearly know each other inside out, and they can mock themselves and each other ‘till the cows come home. Their random humour is exactly breath of fresh air you need to see you through a pandemic.

3. They’re Making The Cork Accent Cool

Corkonians have long been the object of every accent-themed joke in this country, but Kevin and PJ are owning their Cork heritage and their individuality. Their big personalities are nothing short of iconic, and their sing-song accents could brighten up any bad day. Cork people everywhere can finally fight back against the stigma- Kevin and PJ are out and proud Corkonians, and it’s officially cool to be Cork.

4. They’re Not Afraid Of The Tough Topics

Kevin and PJ are not afraid to broach topics like mental health, self-esteem, and the more challenging side of growing up in Ireland. Incredibly open about their own lives, they offer young Irish listeners comfort and reassurance as well as their signature banter and fun.
“When recording, it’s easy to forget that a rake of people are going to be listening,” says Kevin, “And our best content is created when we are being our most candid. When you’re just having a laugh with your best friend it’s kind of difficult to not be open and honest.”

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5. They’re Honest, Real, And Genuine

Shahroo Izadi, author of The Kindness Method and recent I’m Grand Mam guest (episode 35), described Kevin and PJ as “honest, real, and genuine”, and nothing has ever been truer. The lads told they were “shook” when they sold out their live shows this year and thought “what the heck” when they saw theatres full of people who’d paid to come see them.
Another highlight of the I’m Grand Mam experience, according to Kevin, is the messages they receive from listeners. Whether it’s someone saying that the show has brightened up their day or a young gay listener saying the lads have made them feel better about being different, Kevin says it’s “just the best feeling.” Now if that’s not honest, real, and genuine, we don’t know what is.
Have you been listening to I’m Grand Mam? You can find it on Spotify now.

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