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10 Podcasts Worth Listening To

10 Podcasts Worth Listening To

Veronica Murphy

The time has come to take a break from binge-watching shows on Netflix and instead sit back and grace your ears with some of the great podcasts that are out there. Whether you’re looking for some easy listening, motivational words or conspiracy theories, the podcast world has something for everyone.

Below are just some of the podcasts I find I keep coming back to. 

1. Popsessed

For all your gossip and pop culture needs, Popessed is the ultimate podcast, coming at you every Wednesday with new content and discussing the biggest pop-world stories happening in the world right now. From The Little Mermaid live-remake controversy to the James and Tati drama that momentarily took over our lives and explaining everything about the latest Taylor Swift beef, this podcast has it all packed into and hour and a half long podcast. 

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2. Bite Back with Roz Purcell

Rozanna Purcell invites speakers onto her fortnightly show to discuss everything from her own battles with food, our relationship with body image and diet culture. This series is all about giving yourself a lil more self love and reminding yourself that life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Give a listen to her talk with motivational speaker Gerry Hussey who shares some wise words on ways to change your internal dialogue and work on yourself from within by way of positive affirmations and letting go of your past. 

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3. PLT: Behind Closed Doors

If you happen to follow Pretty Little Thing on any of their social media accounts, chances are you may have already seen clips of host Nat and some celebs in their pyjamas joining her for a chat. From the serious topics to the lighthearted each episode has a familiar guest where they cover everything from social media pressures to just having a good ol’ gossip and chit chat. Perfect easy listening.

4. Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast

Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast is hosted by Caroline Foran and builds on her best-selling book, Owning It:Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Living with Anxiety.

Anxiety is so confusing and often isolating. But there’s strength in knowing that you’re not the only one feeling the way that you’re feeling, which is why this is such a great podcast to listen to. Caroline chats to different people, such as Vogue Williams, about their experience with anxiety and what tools they use to cope with it. There’s also some great chat about dealing with Panic Attacks, public speaking and how you can support someone dealing with anxiety. Overall it’s a really great Irish podcast and totally worth your time.

5. The Mindful Kind

In this podcast which is hosted by Rachael Kable she shares her methods of practicing mindfulness and becoming more aware of your thoughts. The podcast started back in 2015 with new episodes still coming weekly meaning there are a bunch of episodes to choose from. What’s best about this series is that each episode is only around the 10 minute mark, making for the perfect quick listen that can be squeezed in at any point of your day! 

6. Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain

If you have any interest in how the brain works, or you want to change the way you think for the better, give this podcast a go. Brought to you by Shankar Vedantam to help you understand how your brain works and why you think the way you do. By diving into the processes of your brain at work and being better able to understand these processes, this series is a really cool way to become more insightful about your thoughts and the decisions you make. I Buy, Therefore I Am and Why No One Feels Rich are both interesting listens.

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7. Real Crime Profile

Hosted by a former FBI agent alongside a criminal behaviourist analyst, this series examines evidence from some well known cases such as the Madeline McCann case, as well as discussions of the popular Netflix original series The Staircase which follows the murder of Kathleen Peterson and the back and forth as they try to uncover how the suspicious murder occurred. A great series for all those who, like myself, have finished all of the crime documentaries on Netflix and are looking for something else to satisfy their true-crime itch!

8. The Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins is a well known American author and life coach, best known for his motivational talks and positive outlook on life. Whilst he has a TON of great self-help books under his belt, in his podcast series he serves the same powerful and influential discussions that will no doubt have you ready to make changes in your life. For his latest podcast, he sits down with Conor McGregor to share the ways he has trained his mind and use the process of visualisation to get himself where he is today and achieve all that he has. 

9. The Bechdel Cast

The Bechdel Cast podcast uses the Bechdel Test, which measures women’s representation in fiction, to discuss female representation in movies. Hosted by Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus, the rules for analysis are simple. The movie must show two female identifying characters conversing for more than two lines of dialogue, and the conversation can not be about a man. Oh, the characters will also need to have names. The gals discuss all kinds of movies from the latest releases like Love, Simon to oldies but goldies like Sleepless in Seattle. If you like a bit of feminism (who doesn’t?), and a good laugh then check out The Bechdel Cast!

10. The 2 Johnnies Podcast

The 2 Johnnies Podcast is the epitome of Irish humour! The lads cover a range of topics from GAA to their idea of the perfect festival and everything in between. With the added bonus of Noel’s News (featuring the one and only Noel Furlong) you’ll be in stitches listening to this podcast. Listener discretion is advised…

What Podcasts do you like listening to?

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