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5 Steps to Become More Climate Conscious

5 Steps to Become More Climate Conscious teens

The growing climate crisis has become a frequent topic of conversation across the world. These conversations have often been lead by teenagers like us who want to see a difference.

Here are 5 small steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and become more climate conscious…

Sustainable clothing

Most teenagers are working off a relatively low budget so when it comes to buying clothes it can seem more sensible to buy extremely cheap items of clothing that probably won’t last very long and replace them each time. While this might be helping your purse it’s definitely not helping the environment. The continued purchasing of cheap items of clothing and disposing of them has created textile waste, chemical pollution and water pollution.

In future consider donating any old clothes or splashing out on an item guaranteed to last you longer.

Fir more on the impact of fast fashion, read our article about sustainable fashion.


Again, this seems like another really obvious one but while most of us are quite good at recycling at home when on-the-go we tend to chuck our rubbish into the nearest general rubbish bin. As a result even our recyclable waste is not being properly processed. 

Whenever possible keep hold of your recyclable rubbish until you can find the appropriate bin.

Be A Conscious Shopper

When shopping there are a number of things than can be done to reduce your carbon footprint. Buying second hand products or searching for local goods will both impact positively on the environment. 

When ordering online try to save up and do a big order at once as this will save more plastic packaging and travel miles, than lots of little orders.

Items such as toiletries and make up can be particularly harmful to the environment of not recycled properly so make sure to pay attention to the recycling instructions.

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Reduce your plastic intake

This one seems quite obvious but some people aren’t actually sure how to go about reducing their daily use of plastic. 

Investing in a travel mug will cut down on your consumption of take away cups for a conscience free coffee. However, if coffee isn’t really your thing then a reusable water bottle will have an equally positive effect. 

Also buying food loose and without excess packaging is a great way to lessen your plastic usage.

Reduce your meat intake

The meat industry creates huge pollution through the use of fossil fuels, waste, animal methane and the consumption of water and land. I’m absolutely not suggesting making a dramatic change and becoming a vegan (No way could I give up all of those things!). However, something as simple as having one meat free meal a week will reduce your meat intake and consequently your carbon footprint. And as an added benefit, science shows that if the meat is replaced by a suitable substitute such as pulses it will also improve your health.

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