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5 Things To Know About Your Parents

5 Things To Know About Your Parents

Team Missy

Let’s be honest; you can be the best of friends with your parents and the worst of enemies all in the space of like, 10 minutes.

Sometimes it can be very hard to see where your parents are coming from. Here’s 5 things to know about your parents to try demystify them..

They Had A Life Before You

Yep, before ruining your life was their sole goal in life, your parental unit had a whole other life going on before you and your siblings made an appearance. They had relationships, worries, ups and downs, and friends. Ask them about their life. And although we doubt that they used to be a part of the South Side Serpents, there’s probably a lot that you can learn about them and from their own experiences. Ask them what music they used to listen to, or what the fashion was like when they were a teen for some guaranteed lols.

They Don’t Tell You Everything

As much as it might drive you insane, your parents don’t tell you everything and it’s not because they don’t trust you, it’s because they probably want to keep any adult stress and tribulations out of your life.  But the reality is, they have things going on too. Although we’re sure that they’re not planning to take over your city like Hiram Lodge in Riverdale, cut them some slack if you sense that they’re a bit stressed. There’s usually a reason to everything. And although you don’t necessarily have to take on their burdens, look at small ways that you can help them out.

They’re Not Always Right

Shocker, we know. But sometimes parents do get it wrong. Try not to gloat for too long or leverage it to push boundaries. We all make mistakes. The older you get the more you realise that you really do just have to wing it when it comes to life. Adulting is hard, okay!

They’re Constantly Worried About You

We’ve all had the “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” “Who are with?” “What time will you be home at?” texts. It’s not because your parents want to ruin your fun, they’re genuinely worried about you. You are their world and they worry about the constantly, in big ways and small. So, be open and honest with them to reassure their fears and try to see where they’re coming from every once in a while.

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They Love You

Even if you mange to F-up to epic proportions and your parents are so disappointed in your actions, always know that they do love you more than life itself. There’s nothing that you can say or do that’s going to alter that, ever. Sometimes our mind might try trick us in to believing otherwise or we might have earned some justifiable ire, but they love you unconditionally. So, tell them when you need them even if it feels like the most impossible thing in the whole world.

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