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5 Things To Know About Zendaya’s New TV Show, Euphoria

5 Things To Know About Zendaya’s New TV Show, Euphoria

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Social media has been buzzing about the new teen TV show, Euphoria. which has been airing in the US since June.

Euphoria hits Irish TV screens on the 6th of August, so here’s everything that you need to know…

It Stars Zendaya


Our No. 1 girl crush, Zendaya, stars in Euphoria as 17-year-old Rue Bennett. Fresh out of rehab after struggling with mental health issues and drug addiction, she’s struggling to picture a clean future for herself. Her life takes a drastic turn when she meets newcomer Jules Vaughn, a trans girl who feels just as lost as Rue.

It’s VERY Controversial


Euphoria has created quite the stir in the US and online since it began airing in June. Euphoria: has the latest controversial teen drama gone too far? is just one of the many headlines doing the rounds on the internet.

A lot of people think that it’s not “suitable viewing” for teens as it features a number of graphic sex scenes, nudity and drug use. And although we do in some ways get the argument, Euphoria deals with a lot of topics that teens also have to try navigate in real life. It’s definitely not suitable for younger viewers, but if you’re mature enough to be able to think about and process the show you can make the decision for yourself.

The Show Is Intense To Say The Least


Euphoria deals with a lot of heavy topics such as drug addiction, mental health issues and the dangers of social media to name but a few. The vibe of the show is that it’s supposed to be more “real life” than other glossy TV shows, such as Gossip Girl.

Some media outlets have billed it as a “teen tv show” but the creators have been hesitant to label it as that due to the intense subject matters.

Speaking to Indie Wire, the show’s director says, “I hope it creates a certain dialogue between parents and their kids. I don’t think this is a show for people under 17, but…”

“…but if your parent wants to have a conversation about it, that’s good,” Zendaya said.

“[People say] ‘Oh, it’s so shocking!’ To me, it doesn’t feel that way,” Zendaya said. “Because, yeah, I know someone who had that issue, and my homie went through that, and damn, that’s just like so-and-so. It’s only shocking if it’s maybe not your personal experience. Maybe you had a different path and you never met anyone who went through any of that — but I highly doubt it.”

The One Direction Boys Are NOT Happy About The Show


Yep, you read that correctly! The One Direction boys have serious beef with Euphoria!

See Also

So, you may have previously read online about the “Larry” relationship, which is the conspiracy that Louis and Harry from 1D are secretly together. They’re not, and the obsession around it is bizarre to say the least.

Well, Euphoria depicted a graphic, animated sex scene between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles based off of the fan-fiction stories circulating online. And unsurprisingly the boys are not happy about it. Louis hit out at the show on Twitter saying that he was never contacted to give permission for such a scene to air.

Yeah, we’re not sure why the show went there either….

The Whole Series Will Be Available To Stream In Ireland

If you want to see what all of the fuss is about, all 8 episodes of Euphoria will be available from the 6th of August on Sky Atlantic and Now TV. You can sign up to Now TV for a free 14 day trial, which will allow you to watch Euphoria and lots of other shows.

As of right now we don’t have a rating for the series.

Will you be watching the new TV show, Euphoria.

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