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A Look Inside Taylor Swift’s New Album Evermore

A Look Inside Taylor Swift’s New Album Evermore

Róisín Lynch

Taylor Swift is definitely delivering this year, giving us not one but two new albums! Folklore was released as a surprise album in July and Taylor has surprised us once again with Evermore – Folklore’s sisters album. 

Folklore featured a slightly different sound than Swifties would be used to hearing. Instead of pop ballads, the songs on Folklore were more mellow and sweet and this sound is heard once again on Evermore.

Pop Princess Meets O.G Country

Evermore is a kind of a walk down memory lane in a way as it is the first time in a few years that Taylor’s country sound can be heard again. But not in the loud ballads that she used to write, the country style of Evermore is softer and more delicate, the country sound really only being heard in the choice of instruments that can be heard in the background of many songs. 

If you have been missing Taylor’s country music then take a listen to no body, no crime and ‘tis the damn season.  However it’s not all back to the O.G country Swift as the pop princess can still be heard in songs such as Closure and Dorothea.

Evermore Is Folklore’s Little Sister

What’s lovely about Evermore is that similar to Folklore listening to the album is something similar to listening to an audio recording of Taylor’s own diary. The songs are sweet, personal stories of her own experiences. Taylor is letting us in to some of the happiest and saddest times of her 30 years, mostly to do with the highs and lows of the romantic relationships she’s experienced during that time as well as her view on the difficulties that have come from being in the public eye.

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Coney Island

Coney Island’s lyrics capture the wonder and agony that love is. Taylor describes her experience of the rollercoaster that a new relationship is and by using lyrics so raw and real Taylor makes it very easy for us  to feel as though she is talking right to us and giving us something we feel they can relate to. There is very little about the emotions she has felt during her various relationships that aren’t revealed in Evermore.

Long Short Story

Long Short Story it can be assumed is about Taylor’s experiences in 2016. A turbulent year for the her to say the least. While Taylor is usually not afraid to say things as it is in her music and lay it all out of the table, Long Short Story takes a much softer approach, showing how Taylor has matured as the years have passed. The song seems to reference Taylor’s fall out with Kim and Kanye, as well as the trouble she experienced while dating Tom Hiddleston and Joe Alwyn.

Evermore Shows Taylor’s Growth

Taylor has toyed with different music styles for years going from country to pop to pop rock. It is apparent through the music that Taylor is somewhat at peace and at home now in terms of her sound as Evermore is the coming together of all these genres. Regardless of which version of Taylor you prefer, there is something on Evermore for everyone to enjoy!

So if you are looking for something new to listen to why not give Evermore a listen! 

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