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Beauty Advent Calendars: Are They Worth The Hype?

Beauty Advent Calendars: Are They Worth The Hype?

Team Missy

It seems like every brand does a beauty advent calendar once Christmas rolls around now. And although I’m easily swayed when it comes to consumerism, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the cost of some of them when we are yet to win the lotto.

I love beauty, but I like to know that I’m actually getting value for my money. And although mini sizes are great for trying out new products, I’m not a huge fan of them especially if it’s on the spendy side. And I’m pretty sure we all remember that Zoella scandal last year.

But I still like to look at pretty things and there are a few beauty advent calendars to know about, plus the one I think is actually worth the hype.

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar, €185

You know they way I said that I still haven’t won the lotto? Well if I did win the lotto, I would totally be buying this offering from Charlotte Tilbury. They are only 12 doors, which kinda upsets my OCD mind, but the sizes of the products are bigger than normal offerings from beauty advent calendars.

Jo Malone Advent Calendar, €360

Another one that I would totally buy if money was no object is this offering from Jo Malone. This includes mini perfumes, candles and body cremes in lots of beautiful scents from the iconic Jo Malone range. Some day I aspire to this!

M&S The Book of Beauty Advent Calendar, €40

One of my top picks for beauty calendars is this once from M&S. Yes, you have to spend €40 to qualify for it and then an additional €40 to buy it buy €80 for all of this is a pretty good bargain in my opinion. It’s a great way to try out lots of different brands and products. The section is pretty great and the sizes are decent too.


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Aldi, €49.99

Ok, show us the stuff we can actually afford we hear you say. It’s mad that Aldi are allowed do this because it looks very similar to another beauty advent calendar, but God Bless.

This includes mini perfumes, candles, body lotion and room fragrances. If you have a few aunties that you need to buy for Christmas we would really advise that you try to get your hands on one of these. Divide them up, you can even buy some cute makeup bags, and make up mini hampers. If you gave everyone 4 items, that’s 6 presents that work out as €8.33 each!

And if you just can’t afford any of these options, chocolate is always the next best thing after makeup! I LOVE the Lindt Advent Calendars!

What are your thoughts on beauty advent calendars?

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